My Sunday Photo

Ok so his is actually my 3 Sunday photos, but I couldn’t decide which one to share! We have had a busy week this week, work, training, preparing for the up and coming Nottingham Comic Con and celebrating birthdays! The last one has meant a week of nice food and the meal we had out at the local pub was delicious, we had a great night filled with giggles too!


Speedy Doc Game Review

I have to be honest – we are fast becoming a bit of a gaming family. I am not talking about video gaming, we have discovered a new found love of board/table top games! We are always very excited when we get to try out a new game, and was equally so when we were offered ‘Speedy Doc’ to test drive.

Photo 10-09-2017, 19 49 35

In the box you get the Doc himself, a sheet of different coloured ‘Zeros’ and the instructions. It doesn’t seem much but it is everything you need for the game (apart from batteries). You have to pop the Zero’s from the card and that is it – you are ready to play!Photo 10-09-2017, 19 51 59

So first thing to do is to pop some batteries (3 x AAA) into the Doc, then place the Zero’s in the back – there is a handy storage pocket and finally switch him on using the simple on/off switch on his back!22156652_10159474732680445_1678520860_n

The game itself is a fast paced game that is lots of fun; the box suggests 8 years old plus but Mouse is 7 years old and had no problem joining in with us.

Each round consists of a topic and you take it in turns to say something linked to the topic – just keep going until someone duplicates an answer, says something unrelated to the topic, you run out of time or the Doc tells you to stop!

The Doc runs the game; from telling you who will start, how much time you have, what topic each round is and how many Zero’s the loser takes!22156975_10159473199295445_276535615_nThe Doc runs the game well, he is clear and concise about what he wants (the instructions are always on hand to remind you if you are unsure)!  The game boasts over 500 topics to play (obviously we haven’t got through them all yet).  What we have found is that some topics were a little tough but there is an option to end that one and change topics.

We have had so much fun and a lot of giggles playing this, the kids have even got it out without any prompting, and played just the two of them – without any arguing!! Yep, nice sibling fun without killing each other!

I love the personality of the Doc, he brings more fun to the game and I have found the kids talk back to him. Simple to play means simple to enjoy. Not too big and easy to store! I can’t see a negative!

In fact I can see Doc coming out when the kids are in bed and the adults are looking for something to play with a drink in hand too!22172017_10154708615446780_1897708796_o


I was not paid to write this review, however I was given the game to keep to be able to test and offer my/our honest opinion on it!

Spider Catcher Review

I am not scared of spiders so I am the resident spider catcher both at home and work; however i wouldn’t touch one by choice so currently my catching equipment of choice is a glass and a piece of card.

Enter the Spider Catcher from Brainstorm21441910_10159372813960445_261376894_nWith the recent news that spiders are coming and they are going to be big, I was very excited to receive this for review, probably more excited than I should be – I mean I can still be the resident spider catcher but be further away from them, it is approximately 65cm long!

In the pack you get the spider catcher, which is long, brush on the end and a handle that you squeeze. The brush has a cover over the brush and there is even a plastic spider in the pack to practice on. 21441932_10159372861500445_580828152_n


The spider catcher is really easy to use, it is a sort of a ‘ready, aim, fire!’ strategy. On the opposite side to the brush you have a trigger handle, you gently squeeze and it opens the brush.  You then hold the brush over the spider so the bristles surround it, release the trigger and the brush gently closes around the spider, keeping the little guy safe and sound inside whilst you walk somewhere nice to release him.

To let him go, just press the handle again and the spider will drop out and run away.21552149_10159372947800445_1107800287_nBecause the bristles are soft and harmless to the spider, you can use it to catch the spider when he is stood still or moving about. I was worried the first time I used it to whether I had killed the spider, but when I re-opened he was fine and ran off. I felt a huge sense of relief as I really don’t like to kill things.

I love that the Spider catcher offers you a safe environmentally friendly way to the pest control in your home as no chemicals and batteries are required for the Spider Catcher. 21443028_10159372947720445_483640220_n

Some more good news; you can use it for insects too! The Spider Catcher can catch spiders and daddy-long legs from 2mm (0.08 inch) in length up to 25mm (1 inch).

I love having this in the house and anyone can use it, the children have used it and the spiders have lived!! I would recommend for anyone but especially if you have a bit of a fear of spiders, it gives you a way to move the spiders without toughing them!


I was not paid to write this review, however I was given the Spider Catcher to keep to be able to test and offer my/our honest opinion on it!

#FeelGoodSummer with Come Round Party

I was recently asked to hold a #FeelGoodSummer with Come Round. I was sent a great party pack to try out the delicious drinks and have some fun with friends! Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 22.22.01The party pack was fab, tea light candles, face masks, bunting, a Lean in 15 book and plenty of Feel Good Drinks to go around! As soon as we saw the flavours of the drinks; we were impressed.

Feel Good infusions are100% natural drinks* with no added sugar and the flavours are ‘Strawberry and Mint’, ‘Apple and Rose’ and ‘Lemon and Elderflower’, the main question was which to try first!

We had loads of fun, putting on facemasks, drinking the drinks and generally having a good old catch up!Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 22.22.52

The drinks are really refreshing and we had some left so took them on a car journey and to work and they worked well in these situations, the kids love them and I don’t mind them drinking them because I feel they are healthier than some of the alternatives.

If you like something a little different then I would recommend these drinks, Lemon and Elderflower is definitely my favourite!21291681_10159356698330445_493448526_n

Sunday Photo



Little Live Pets Ladybird Review

Little live pets is a range of toys that can give a child the feeling of having a pet without the added mess or the need to feed them to keep them alive. We are very lucky to have been sent the Little Live Pets Lil’ Ladybugs Single Pack and Ladybugs Garden Play set to have a play with and review.Photo 15-08-2017, 18 14 07The Garden play set comes with an exclusive ladybug and a baby and it is a fantastic miniature world for your ladybugs (or ladybirds if you prefer) to explore; with moving parts and ramps it is a lot of fun. The only set up for it is to attach the two white ramps at the front and they slot in easily!

You can buy extra ladybugs in the single packs (which again come with a baby too). Photo 15-08-2017, 18 14 48

Aimed at children 5 years old and older, Mouse (7 years old) could not wait to get her hands on her ‘brand new pets’! Opening it up was a good experience, although certain parts were secured, you only had to twist a couple of plastic bits and the set was free – no having to hunt down scissors or screwdrivers to open it up like we seem to experience loads of at Christmas!


Mouse played with it for ages; watching the bugs run around, swapping the babies between the two bigger ones, changing their directions and using the flower lift. I was impressed with how long it kept her entertained and that Monkey wanted to play too! They were making up stories about where the bugs were going and where they might be going.20937690_10159284478600445_2117982010_nThe bugs themselves are motorised and have small brushes on the bottom to help them move, they move really smoothly and stay on the track really well! Mouse has named them and is looking after them as if they are her pets.

I love that it is a toy that promotes using your imagination, although the bugs need batteries the actual playset does not, it is a nice size for storing away and is sturdy enough to actually be used (nothing worse than a toy that breaks as soon as you play with it!).20938880_10159284478220445_1514133340_n

Mouse Says

“It is really good and I love playing with them. I would really like to get more bits and make a bigger world for my ladybirds because they are awesome and they would like to explore some more stuff! I really like the babies too”20979853_10159284478445445_1074405397_n

Little Live Pets isn’t something I would have thought of buying before but now we will defintiely be on the look out for more now and Mouse has started her Christmas list with them!

You can find Lil’ Ladybugs Garden Playset (£22.99) and the Lil’ Ladybugs single packs (£5.99) at various toy shops.


I was not paid to write this review, however I was given the toy to keep to be able to test and offer my/our honest opinion on it!

Igloo Mania Review

Family time this week has mostly involved playing Igloo Mania; we love playing games so was very happy to give this one a test run and review it!Photo 14-08-2017, 21 55 55Igloo Mania is a game of steady hands, strategy and fun. In the box there is 64 blocks that build an igloo, there is a dome base and a dome guide (to make it easier for younger players to build), four ice picks for the players to use and Parka Pete who sits on top. The kids were too excited to play and ripped into it before i got to take photos of the contents still in there packaging.Photo 16-08-2017, 19 59 15

The idea of the game is to take a block using your ice pick and to not collapse the Igloo. If the igloo crashes down on your turn, you lose!  The Ice Blocks are numbered so that at the end of the game the player with the steadiest hands who has managed to take out the trickiest blocks will be the winner!Photo 16-08-2017, 20 04 17

Playing the game is easy, you take it in turns to remove ice blocks; using the ice picks that you hook into the slot, turn to lock and pull (gently of course!). But remember, don’t let Parka Pete fall! Set up is easy too, especially if you use the dome guide! The kids are able to set up and play on their own which is always a bonus in my eyes!

This is a cracking game of skill & tension, it is a lot of fun and has left us in fits of giggles. I have to be honest – the kids are better at it than I am, they have much steadier hands! I have lost…a lot!Photo 16-08-2017, 20 11 34

This game reminds me of games from my childhood – the likes of Kerplunk and Mr Pop; the type of game where the tension builds as you wait to see if something will drop, pop or fall! The type of game where the tension is part of the fun!

I think this a fab game; it is aimed at those 5 years old and above – I definitely think that 5 year olds would enjoy it and in our house, the 7, 9, and thirty somethings love it!

Mouse says

“This game is so much fun, it is easy for me and my brother to play and I want to play it again now!”

I am sure this will be coming out over and over again during our family time!


I was not paid to write this review, however I was given the game to keep to be able to test and offer my/our honest opinion on it!


This has been a year where my children have really got involved with the latest crazes; the DAB, the bottle flip and the fidget spinner! When we were ask to review the MOKURU fidget toy – they loved that too!

The MOKURU is THE latest craze from Japan and it is BIG!!

20663729_10154656247715925_5650579813318929310_nIt is a handheld wooden toy and was originally designed to test an individual’s balance and focus – now this simple design is testing the dexterity of fast fingered flippers everywhere. Crafted out of beech wood into an eye catching cool design, players can flip tip and spin one MOKURU or more.

It comes in so many colours; it is the new black or, as the Japanese say, Genbu. Also available in green (Matcha), orange, (Kirin) white (Byakko), red (Suzaku), blue (Seiryu) and yellow (Inazuma)!19807423_10159047396510445_565176905_o

It is the perfect size to fit in your pocket and for both kids and adults to play with! When you get really good with it you can do tricks too!

The lovely folk at MOKURU want to give people a chance to win, so If you fancy owning one for yourself, see below!

You can find out more on facebook , instagram  and their website

MOKURU fidget toy (3 winners)

Swatch Skin Watch #yourmove

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an event with Swatch; I got really excited as I remember Swatch from being a teenager and I love them!! I read further and found that part of the event was a dance class. I love dancing but haven’t ever done a dance class and this would be in front of people.

But I love Swatch!!! So I bit the bullet and agreed……………and I am so pleased I did!!

We first headed over to the swatch store in the Intu Victoria centre in Nottingham, it is a lovely shop, laid out brilliantly and is nice and light so you can see everything really well. the staff who chatted to us were knowledgable and very friendly!Photo 29-06-2017, 18 08 28What I was really impressed to see what the massive range of watches they have, I would be surprised if there wasn’t a watch for everyone – there is so many colours, designs and styles!

The range we were there to look at was the ‘SKIN’ range, and to put it bluntly – it was fantastic! Loads of styles, many colours; such a choice!Photo 29-06-2017, 18 40 43The Skin range is such a good idea, the watches are super thin (only 3.90 mm high) so rest against you like a second skin. I haven’t worn a watch for years because I feel claustrophobic around my wrists when I do, however at the event I wore the watch during both the shop experience and the dance class that came later and I barely noticed it. I have been wearing it since and now love wearing a watch again!

Choosing which watch to have in the shop was difficult, there really was all sorts; I fell in love with two and it took me ages to decide.Photo 29-06-2017, 18 29 20I eventually (after consulting everyone in the room and even sending the hubby a message) decided on the blue one – it is more me and I thought it could go with loads of things. Photo 29-06-2017, 18 39 11After choosing our watches we headed over to Signature studios to give them a test run, can you wear them during exercise and still be comfy? The answer is a big fat yes! I wore it through out and  it was great – still working even after I grossly sweated over it!

The dance class was brilliant we learnt some street dance moves and it was brilliant, such a laugh and a whole lot of fun!

I would definitely recommend the SKIN range if you are sporty or like me you just don’t really like wearing watches. When I need a new watch I will be heading back to Swatch as I loved what they have on offer! I was also really impressed to see the kids range – it was fantastic! Again, loads of choice and tools to help them learn to tell the time!

Spin Master Spy Gear Ultimate Ninja Night Vision Review

Being a spy is cool, just ask my 9 year old (Monkey), he will tell you. When they did Spy writing at school it was way better than normal English writing lessons! We were given the opportunity to review the Spy Gear Ultimate Ninja Night Vision from Spinmaster and Agent Monkey and Agent Mouse..could..not…wait!The young agents were very keen to get on with their mission; they wanted to rip open their new equipment the moment they saw it. In the box there is two parts – the goggles and the eye piece. 20598036_10159195395085445_902392751_oAll you need to get going is 3 x AAA batteries. Set up is easy, all you have to do is insert the batteries and then clip the eye piece onto the goggles! You then flip the on switch; it is super simple to do and then you can get on searching in the dark!20622942_10159195350210445_680660641_oIt is really easy to do and once this mini bit of set up is done, you are ready to go! The kids ran off to our under stairs cupboard (where it is really dark when the door is shut) to give them a test run!There is a black elastic band for you to pull around your head ot keep the goggles on, this is adjustable although we found it still slightly too big for Mouse so she had to hold them in place; this did not bother her or hinder the use of the toy! Monkey loved them straight away and found the goggles to be ‘amazing’! He stayed under the stairs for a while, just looking at everything. I recorded him talking whilst he was under there (apologies there are no pictures on the video – it was dark and I didn’t have the goggles!)

I have had a go on them and they really are brilliant; I am super impressed with the image they give you, I was expecting it to be unclear what you were looking at (being a toy) but there is no doubting the clear picture you get from them. I love that they can be used by children od different ages and are simple to use. They are aimed at children 6 years old and up and both my two (aged 9 and 7) had no problem using them at all!

The part of the goggles against your eyes are made from a very soft rubber and they are extremely comfortable, I can see these being played with a lot. in fact we are going on a summer camp next week and they are coming with us – especially from when we play hide and seek in the dark (I think I may win this year), the toy tells me I could see up to 30 feet with them so they will come in handy!

This is a definite toy for any budding Spy, Spinmaster have other products in their Spy Gear range and we will definitely be looking out for more of their products as we are so impressed with this one! Available from toy shops and online retailers we would give a big thumbs up recommendation!