Nov 01

Parking Garage by Plan Toys – Review

This review was done for Izziwizzikids.co.uk and their weekly Playfest!

Izziwizzi Kids is all about ‘Changing the World of Toys and Play…Together’ and Playfest is one of the ways to do it. There are two Playfest parties held weekly, one on Twitter (Tuesday 8.30pm – 10.00pm under the hashtag #playfest) and one on a Thursday on Facebook at the Izziwizzi  Page (8.30pm – 10pm)

Both parties involve chat on play around the weekly theme, reviews, opportunity to review and often virtual cake too! So if you fancy it pop along!

So, I thought for the first time I would share the video on here too!

All copyright of the video belongs to Buzz Marketing and Izziwizzi Kids. To review products for izziwizzi kids you make a commitment to produce a vlog/video review to a deadline

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