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We love being a Parragon Book Buddy as we get to try a new read every month and get to add to the children’s bookshelf regularly.   They love reading and we love building them a little library where they can choose what they would like to read.

For this post I have two Parragon books to tell you about; ‘Spot a Lot: Animal Escape’ and ‘The Bully and the shrimp”.9781472350923

Spot a Lot: Animal Escape has quickly become one of Mouse’s favourites. She loves a book where you have to search for things and she loves a book with animals in it – and this has both!

There’s trouble at the zoo today… The animals have run away! The animals are everywhere! Look very carefully as you help the zookeeper count and spot all the zoo runaways in this great animal escape. A bright and busy book to keep you searching, spotting, reading and counting together again and again!

We are loving this book, it is so nice. The pictures are lovely and there is so much to look at, Mouse is picking something different out every time to talk about, I actually don’t mind reading it over and over again as it feels slightly different each time!

The Bully and The Shrimp is suited slightly more to Monkey as it feels like a book for those that are slightly older. Monkey can relate to this book as he is slightly small for his age and has had trouble in the past from some boys picking on him for it.

It is a well written look at how being small isn’t so bad and how bullying isn’t right. There are tips in the back for dealing with bullying too! Another book with fab illustrations too!

When small-for-his-age Noah Shrimpton moves to a new school, the class bully starts picking on him. Noah has no friends to support him and is afraid to tell anyone. He starts to use his journal to express himself, doodling all sorts of outlandish scenarios where he beats the bully (sometimes involving superheroes or giants!). Follow Noah as he learns to make friends and gain the confidence to stand up to the bully in this contemporary tale. Developed in conjunction with school teachers and child development experts, this picture book deals with the current issue of bullying in a sensitive way and is perfect for any school-aged child and their parents.

 Another two great books from those at Parragon!

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