Party Dress in the Park – #Countrykids

Earlier this week we had Mouse’s Graduation at pre-school, she wanted to join in even though she doesn’t yet have a school place and may be going back in September. But for her it was important to be there with her friends.

It was so cute, they had little graduation hats and cloaks, walked down the red carpet and received their certificate and a folder of their art/work from the time they had been there!

Straight after pre-school we asked her what she wanted to do, go to the park! So off we went.

She looked cool in her pretty pink party dress that she had insisted on wearing for her celebration, she looked so happy running around and having fun! She had a go on swings, zip lines, slides and more, but the best bit is she filed her lungs with fresh air!

Her flowing dress did not put her off, she just hitched it up and got on with it, I love the fact she will don a dress and play in the garden, or dress in her brother’s hand me downs and have a princesses tea party!

I am so proud that even at 4 she is proud to just be her!

She is and always will be my little princess, a girl who loves the outdoors as much as pink and mud as much as dollies.

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  1. A lovely topic and very touchingly written!

    1. Thank you for a lovely comment!

  2. fingers cross that she will get into the school! Lovely dress!

    1. It is her favourite dress!

  3. See! I was right! Skirts are always best for everything 😀
    It’s a beautiful dress!

    1. Yep, mouse will completely agree with you!

  4. Keeping everything crossed for school! Gorgeous photos.

    1. Thank you and Thank you!

  5. Lovely dress and like my daughter Clio it doesn’t matter how she’s dressed – it doesn’t get in the way of their fun! Good luck with the school and thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. Thank you, it is great to watch them be them isn’t it!

  6. Awww bless her! She look so happy playing! Hopefully she can get a space for school! #countrykids

    1. Thank you! She does love being outdoors!

  7. What great fun! I love that she is joining in in her full party gear!

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