Feb 03

Postcard From the School Run

A post for Postcards and Rock across on the Kids Travel 2 Blog

Dear All

The pre-school run in our house, goes one of two ways. It is either a fun filed, chatting, running, sword fighting and singing ten minute walk or it is a mad rush, forget your phone, hat on sidways, hurrying, two minute drive!

Obviously we aim for the first type but more often than not due to naps, lunch and Mummy not clock watching it is the second one!

I don’t like the pre-school run, but I do like the kisses and the I love you signs I get when I drop Legs off!

Love MoolBoots

Rock: Fun, not Rush!

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  1. Julia, KidsTravel2

    Would love to witness the sword fighting and singing! Think ‘fun not rush’ is a great aim to have with kids 🙂

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