Pencil Pets Puppies Review

The Monkey and the Mouse love all things creative, they really like to make new things!  They also seem to have a hobby of collecting pens and pencils!  With this is mind it seems that the Craftbox Pencil Pets Puppies from Interplay may be perfect for them!14796206_10157669290355445_1048370581_oThe idea is that you can personalise your pencil and create your own Pencil Pets. The kit comes with everything you need to make them including two pencils, the topper head and various accessories to add to them. There are glasses and hats and all sorts of stickers to pretty them up and make it just yours! 14800034_10157669289845445_2068790983_oBoth Monkey and Mouse were very happy to join in and they chose their pencils, they shared the kit really well taking it in turns to pick the accessories to add to them. Neither wanted any ideas and were able to decorate them without too much guidance. The heads were a little fiddly to put together and we did help a little to line up the holes but other than that it is a kit that Kids could do themselves.

All the contents are child-safe and the pencils are recycled which is always a bonus and the parts on the topper are interchangeable, you can swap the glasses for a moustache or the chef’s hat for a princess crown.  My two used the extra stickers for decorating other things too!

Monkey and Mouse were very happy with their designs and once I had got my photo, they ran off to sharpen them and since these have become their favourite pencils to draw with!! 14647246_10157669289030445_362583457_o

Christmas is coming and I am sure even those  who are not wanting to think about it can’t help but spy things and think ‘that’s a good stocking filler’ and this is definitely one of those things. A great price for something that the kids can create themselves and then keep and use. I already have a couple of friends children in mind that would love these!

There are other kits in the Pencil Pets Puppies range and if you are more of a cat person – they have them too!

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