Persil Warm Spice Washing Up Liquid – Review

January is always a bit of a blue month; Christmas and New year have gone, money is low because of the festivities and most have to return to the hum drum of ‘real life’!

I love Christmas and really miss it when it is over. Actually I will do things to try and pro-long the feeling, one of my favourite ways is to stock up on Christmas pudding so we can continue to eat them for weeks.

I have discovered a new way that helps too (and it makes one of those household chores more interesting!) – Persil Warm Spice Washing up liquid! The liquid is a vibrant Red in colour (no more blue January)  and has a beautiful smell. Cinnamon, cloves and citrus, it is so good you feel all warm and fuzzy again!


As the liquid was added to the bowl with the running water it really bubbled up nicely, the smell was very evident and made me feel Christmassy all over again! The washing up was done and the pots came out as good as you would expect from a brand like Persil!

The bottle retails at £1.00 for 500ml and there are other colourful fragrances if you would prefer; Pink Blush, Orange Crush, Lemon Burst and Apple Fizz! So if you want some colour in your kitchen and a fragrance to match – Choose Persil!

Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of the Persil Warm Spice for the purpose of a honest review


  1. It’s good isn’t it

  2. I leave the washing up to Hubby,

  3. I do like Persil but haven’t tried this one. Will keep a look out for it!

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