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Personal Planner Competition

Personal Planner is the brain child of someone who was watching a loved one struggle to find a planner that was interesting as well as helpful

“Five years ago, in 2006, my wife Paula needed a new planner to keep track of her studies, but after many a trip to the shops she came home whining… “There’s only boring planners out there!”

personal planner

Whilst I was at Britmums this year I picked myself up a lovely notebook, one of them notebooks that is just the right size for most bags, has a funky front cover and even had a ruler inside too!

It is awesome! I was happy to find inside too a voucher too to make my own personal planner! These are fab, I am thinking the easiest way to describe a planner is a diary with benefits! The best thing about Personal Planners is that they are made to suit your style and need too! You go through a process of picking what you want on the front cover (picture or words), how you want your diary bit and even little extras on the bottom of each page (to do list, notes etc)

A fantastic item, especially for someone else as a gift 😉  – so here is your chance to get your hands on a digital voucher to use on their website for a any size planner/notebook!

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  1. AndiG

    Not sure I just need more organisation help

  2. Lynsey Buchanan

    A holiday photo that I love

  3. Tracy Nixon

    For remembering kids school activities, clubs, parties etc as well as birthdays etc!

  4. jodie harvey

    i would actually personalise it for my mum with ‘nannie’ and various pics of my children on 🙂

  5. Paula Harvey

    I would have a picture of my hubby and I with the kids on our Wedding day!

  6. Jo Glasspool

    I would have my fave pics of my kids to personalise it. x

  7. Evelyn Moffat

    I would have a pic of my Great-Niece on it

  8. Sarah

    I’d use it to keep track of my families activities, we are always here, there and everywhere!

  9. Tracey Peach

    I would put a photo of m family on the front & everything else would be pink!

  10. Karen Barrett

    A photo of Ellie on the front cover and special dates pre-printed in my planner. I would also have the sections at the bottom for “To do lists”.

  11. Aneesah

    By decorating it with stickers!

  12. Mary Chez

    I would put family pics on it


    i have so many dates to remember for my son, he has a better social life than me!

  14. Helen

    I’d personalise my planner with 70s wallpaper patterns; will remind me of covering my books at school when I was a teenager.

  15. Claire Smith

    With a photo of my son and dog together

  16. Karen

    with pictures of my friends

  17. kerry hick

    what a brilliant idea. Would love a picture of me and hubby on front if got the chance. Would make me smile every time saw it

  18. Stephanie Whitehouse

    with a soothing picture of a river edged by luxuriant trees

  19. Jill Webb

    With a pic of my grandson

  20. Beky Austerberry

    With family photos – and lots of room for my ‘to-do’ lists

  21. Katie Last

    I’d personalise it with a painting my partner did for me for Christmas 2011 of our dog, Blossom, wearing a sombrero!

  22. katie

    I would use it to remember all the kids school stuff. So much to remember:)

  23. katrina day-reilly

    with a pic of my kids

  24. Robyn Logan Clarke

    To keep track of my 14 month old sons playdates and my midwife appointments

  25. nikki pellow

    To keep me organised with all my large familys birthdays!

  26. Danielle Graves

    family pictures and important dates like birthdays x

  27. Lynette Hughes

    As a busy mum I’d be able to keep track of everyone and everything with this! 🙂

  28. angela sandhu

    Family pictures

  29. Tammy Tudor

    A family picture 🙂

  30. kirsty jackson

    I’d need lots of space to write lists. I love lists 🙂

  31. Catherine Rolfe

    Pictures of my pets, other half and kiddies x x

  32. Karen R

    I’s have photos of the kids on it 🙂

  33. Jeanette

    Could do with something to plan my wanna be life 😉

  34. ToastingMarshmallows

    Well, as it would be full of appointments and activities my son attends, I’d better just put a picture of him on there!

  35. Emily Knight

    With a picture of my other half to carry him around with me all the time! 🙂

  36. Jo Cawthan

    I would have a holiday phot if the kids on it to look at and cheer me up when I’m at work

  37. ClearlyBex

    It would have my blog logo on it.

  38. Gilla01

    I’d add photos of my family and pets.

  39. Kristy Brown

    Fav pics of the kids & cats

  40. donna clinton

    I would have photos of my children in it

  41. leanne williams

    I would have a picture of my hubby and I with the kids on our Wedding day!

  42. Alison

    with dragons

  43. Lisa Wilkinson

    With photos of my little girl 🙂

  44. Emily Nelson

    Id have work in the back and family in the front. I love my family so much so pictures is a must!

  45. phillippa lee

    As i work as a jeweller I would stick tiny shards of precious semi stones on my pages to inspire me.

  46. Emma Lewis

    I’d put a family pic on the front.

  47. To


  48. Sarah Ballantyne

    I’ve recently started doing a bit of teaching and some private tutoring in the evening. It’s great – I get to spend all day with the kids and then do most of my work once they are in bed. It does keep me very busy though and I have lots of deadlines, prep, tutoring sessions etc to remember as well as all the kids nursery/preschool sessions, clubs, parties plus all the usual doctors, hairdressers, car service……Oh yes and making sure we have babysitting cover when I am teaching and hubbie is on call!

    I have notes and post its all over the place but I’d love a planner I can personalise to have work sections (where I can make notes), family stuff, meal planners and shopping lists plus somewhere to write any events/days out I think about for our precious family weekends. I’d have to have a ‘keep calm and love life’ front cover for when all these appointments get too much!!!

  49. Joanne

    A picture of my children

  50. Amanda Milton

    I would give this to my mum as present,as she always uses one daily,and i’d put a photo of my nan on the front

  51. Helen Thurston

    Old family photos, sparkles and crystal butterfly embellishments (everything’s better with sparkles).

  52. Hannah Whitling

    Not sure, though I expect I would use a photo.

  53. Helen Garner

    With photos of my little man

  54. Sally Poole

    I plan ALOT of activities in my job with Mencap Learning Disabled Adults. this would be perfect 🙂

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