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This is my photo of the week (well three photos to give you the full picture!). To some, these pictures may show a Christmas Present, a secret santa gift. But to me; it is a photo that shows friendship.

Due to the wonders of the internet I have met a wonderful group of ladies, these are people I wouldn’t have met without the joys of social media as we are spread all over the country, have kids of different ages and well, our paths probably wouldn’t have passed.

But we have met, some even in ‘real life’ (my mission for 2014 is to meet the rest too!), and they are an amazing group of people.

Thank you ladies you are amazing, you have been there for giggles (so many), for rants, for telling me what to wear and when I needed help/support.

Thank you to me secret santa too, Chocolate, Baileys, a mug (for my coffee) and a magnet! The perfect gift, thank you!

I will leave you with the quote from the magnet as I think it sums it up

“The road to a friend’s house is never long!”

(Danish Proverb)secret santa




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  1. thats lovely!
    we missed you on the weekend, looking forward to the next meet up with everyone at britmums!

  2. That is really lovely 🙂
    You were really missed, all 3 of you, but it was only 1 day you missed – next time x

  3. that’s a lovely gift. We’ll meet next time x

  4. Lovely gifts! Definitely have to meet up soon!

  5. Amazing friendships are often forged along the less traveled roads.Here’s to lots more adventures! xxx

  6. So glad you liked it, enjoy the chocolate!!

  7. What a lovely post and a great secret santa gift! Sorry you couldn’t make it at the weekend – hope to meet you again soon!

  8. Not only are we good friends, there were some fab secret santas too! I look forward to meeting you in 2014 x

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