Apr 13

Photo of The Week


This week for photo of the week had to be one  from the phone! Mouse has been dropping her afternoon nap and for the last two weeks has gone completely without them, apart from the day after we had got back from Butlins! We had nipped out in the car and she was dozing in her seat, when we got back, asked her if she wanted to go to bed for a nap, she said no but two minutes later fond this! Think the holiday must have worn her out!

Team Lloyd


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  1. Sara-Jayne

    Lovely and snuggly! I wish I was still like that this morning 🙂

  2. denfos258

    ah bless, she just needed a little snooze. xx

  3. Louise Lloyd

    Awww that is too cute Mouse!! I love the blankie, good chose for a sofa snooze! Thank you for linking up with Photo of The Week XXX

  4. Mother Goutte

    So, so sweet!!

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