Photobox – A Review

I got married over five years ago, 31st March 2007 to be completely precise! Whilst planning our wedding and trying to keep costs down we opted to not have a professional wedding photographer as we had two friends who were very good with a camera, so opted to pay them to do our photos!

The only downside to this is that we didn’t get the stuff you normally get after, the full photo album, the prints, the someone else doing the work! We did however get every single photo taken on a CD (yep every one, the good, the bad and the funny)! This did however leave us with 1740 photos to choose from!

I have wanted to put a photo book together of the wedding since we got married, but two babies and five years had passed by without me having chance to sit down properly. We had a bit of a sift through, well we got it down to our 923 favourites, but that was as far as we got!

Well, thanks to Photobox I now have a wedding album! Hard cover, 46 pages and over 350 of our favourite photos in a beautiful book!

So, how do you do it? Well that is the great thing, you got onto their site, pick you product, design and fill it and then Photobox print it and send it to you. You have the control to make it look like you want.

I started by uploading my photos to an online album (they are several choices of ways to upload, so find the one that suits you best), I then selected the photo book and the fun really started.

On each page you can select how many photos to use and the layout to put them in, you then just drag the photo you want into the position you want.

The great thing is you can then swap, move, zoom in, rotate and even edit your photos until you have them all just where you want them!

You can save the project along the way and preview what it will look like as a book too! I spent several evenings playing about with it till I got it perfect for me, but if you wanted to do a ‘quick slam in and job done one’, it is simple enough to do that too!

Once you are happy with it, you press order and that’s it! I was impressed too that the book arrived in less than a week.  So, what did it look like when it arrived! Well, I am sure you will agree, it looks fantastic!

Both Daddy and I are thrilled with the result! It is an actual book, a hard cover, beautiful book!

The pictures look fab in a book, I love seeing all our favourite photos in one place and have even taken it into work to show it off!  The result is even better than I thought it would be, I had doubts that something I put together could look good, and I was right – it doesn’t look good, it looks amazing! With the book we chose you could put text up the spine and we chose ‘The day we became Mr and Mrs Brett’, it is a lovely finishing touch!  The kids have loved looking through it too!

I am so chuffed with the result and can now look back at our big day in style! I will definitely be using photo box again for gifts and memories in the future!

I was given a £30 Credit to use towards my order for the purpose of this review


  1. aww that’s lovely you finally got your wedding album

  2. I’ve heard of photobox before and it sounds like an amazing job on your photos. We opted for friends to take our photos too (cost cutting) and I was really happy but Hubby does actualy regret it and would have rather spent money on a photographer but then he is a perfectionist spotting things that i can’t see at all. xxx

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