Book Review – Ping and Pong

My son (2.5 year old Legs) LOVES books, he has done from a very young age, when he was just months old he would get a book and turn the pages looking intently at the pictures, books have also been a very big part of the bedtime routine with him, so when I saw reviewers were needed for the book ‘Ping and Pong – Splash’ I jumped at the chance, we are always looking for new stories to read!

The book follows Ping and Pong (brother and sister) and their best friend Lucy, it is very attractive – I love the fact the illustrations have the hand drawn touch! As soon as legs saw it he wanted to read it! On first flicking through it, I was slightly worried that it may be too long for a 2 and a half year old. Well I needn’t of worried, Legs sat and listened to the whole thing and then said ‘read it again!’.

The story is nice and I think toddlers and children can relate to it equally – Ping and Pong love doing the things they do! The only problem I have now is Legs wants to read the book more than once a day – and however good a story is I like variety!

Ping and Pong is written by Amy Trevaskus You can join them on Facebook too

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