Jan 22

Pip Ahoy! Welcome to Salty Cove DVD Review and Competition

We have only recently been introduced to Pip Ahoy! so Monkey and Mouse were more than happy to give the DVD a look over to see if it was something they liked!

Pip is a happy-go-lucky pup who along with his best friend Alba the Kitten has a series of adventures in the seaside resort of Salty Cove. Originally airing on Channel 5’s milkshake Pip Ahoy Season 1 is released on DVD and Digital Download on 25th January 2016!!pack shotThe DVD runs for over two hours and includes 13 episodes; the adventures vary from helping a famous drummer Rocktopus, Mice pirates looking for treasure, Hopper the one-legged seagull and many more interesting characters! The DVD also comes with a bonus activity sheet which is lovely.

The voices include the fabulous Sir David Jason as Pip’s caring uncle and the lovely Stacey Solomon (singer/reality TV) featuring as Fuchsia – the pink flamingo!

I love how simple the animation is in this programme, it is nothing to over the top and reminds me a little as the sort of thing I would have watched as a child, there is nothing too over the top with the stories and it is just good fun!

I think Monkey is maybe a little old for it, he will watch it if it on but it doesn’t keep his attention; at 7 he is more into the superhero cartoons. Mouse loves the characters, there is something really lovely about how each have their own personality!

If you want a massively fun, a really cute and just all round lovely DVD to keep the little ones entertained, then this is the one for you, perfect for younger children and easy to follow/well written story lines!

I am also very happy to be able to offer you a chance to win a copy for yourself too (two winners), all you have to do is complete entries on the gleam widget below! Good Luck!!

Pip Ahoy! DVD


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  1. Chris Andrews

    Comment on this blog post and tell me what is your dream adventure! . . . . . . . to return to lndia it’s !ncredible

  2. Tracy K Nixon

    To take my kids to Lapland for Christmas!

  3. Kelly L

    To hire a car and travel through America!

  4. iain maciver

    to go to graceland in memphis

  5. Michelle O'Neill

    to visit ireland x

  6. adeinne tonner

    Has to be Lapland

  7. laura banks

    going to lapland would be great

  8. Becky Yeomans

    My dream adventure would be to go to Disney World in America with my family!

  9. Allan Smith

    An African Safari

  10. Ashleigh Allan

    travel round Australia!

  11. Anthony Harrington

    to watch a cricket match at the MCC in Australia

  12. Diana

    Climb the mountain 🙂

  13. Jo Glasspool

    Travel route 66

  14. rlavender

    my dream is to go on safari in africa see some elephants <3

  15. Alison Clark

    My dream is walking the great wall of china and exploring china

  16. Ruth Harwood

    Oh alison Clark, so is mine!! I’d love to walk the great wall of china xx

    1. Alison Clark

      Its what Im planning to do to celebrate my 40th Ruth 🙂

  17. Hayley Todd

    My dream adventure would be to travel around New Zealand

  18. Corinne Wright

    Definitely taking my boy’s to Disneyland. What an adventure that would be!

  19. Kate Knight

    To go to Austria

  20. Sally Poole

    To visit Bora Bora

  21. Clare Hubbard

    I would love to go to Egypt to see the pyramids, have always wanted to go since I was young.

  22. Jo Hutchinson

    A trip to Moscow to see the winter palace.

  23. Beryl drake

    My dream adventure would be to go a a jeep safari and sleep in a tent under the stars

  24. Gemma Newton

    To take my children to disney world

  25. jemma dwyer

    i’d love to swim with killer whales in the ocean of course 🙂 x

  26. Tammy Neal

    My dream adventure would be to go places ive never been before <3 xx

  27. Jo Carroll

    My dream adventure would be to go into space, but it’s doubtful that will ever happen unless I get abducted by little green men 😉

  28. Margaret Clarkson

    I would love to explore Iceland.

  29. Lorraine Duff

    South America would be awesome to visit. So many countries and so diverse 😀

  30. Rachel Bustin

    To go to Iceland, stay in an ice hotel and see the northern lights

  31. Samantha walker

    I’d love to explore the pyramids in egypt

  32. Michelle Sykes

    I would love to take my kids to disneyland Florida

  33. Gemma Holland

    A road trip across America

  34. Val Pownall

    To see the Northern Lights. It’s been a life-long dream, yet to be fulfilled!

  35. Terrie-Ann Wright

    I love to stay in one of the 360 igloos in Iceland and watch see the northern lights

  36. Ruby Spiteri

    america x

  37. Rebecca Mercer

    Id love to go to iceland to see the northern lights

  38. Katie skeoch

    South America to see the Aztec ruins

  39. kimberley ryan

    To follow in Darwins footsteps around the Galapagos islands

  40. Solange

    An African safari

  41. Lynn Heath

    I would love to go on a trek across the arctic!


    my son would love this x

  43. Charlotte Moore

    Climb up snowdonia

  44. nicola james

    trip to the amazon

  45. vicki deacon

    Id love to go scotland wales and ireland ,,,, explore the country we live in

  46. Kat Lucas

    Going to Alaska

  47. Barbara Handley

    My dream adventure would be to travel the world meeting family I have found through doing my family tree.

  48. Heather Brannan

    South Africa! To travel all round this amazing country!

  49. Susan B

    I want to see Pitcairn Island, Fiji and Norfolk Island first then head on to Uruguay and Paraguay. Still dreaming about it.

  50. Jennifer Rhymer

    The Canadian Rockies by train, would be amazing 🙂

  51. Emma Fox

    Driving route 66 (technically my husband driving and me taking pictures!!)

  52. samantha mason

    Route 66 is a dream of mine

  53. Emma Rawlinson

    I’d love to travel round Australia and New Zealand

  54. Michelle Corbett

    To travel Australia x

  55. Vickie Jackson

    To take my kids to Disney world 🙂

  56. Adrian Bold

    My dream adventure would be to travel around America in a convertible. Long open roads, Route 66 etc. Stopping off at all the great tourist spots on the way.

  57. samantha butler

    To take my kids to Disney world cx

  58. pauline black

    Mexico! Or Peru!

  59. Lynsey Buchanan

    My dream adventure is a trip to Disney World with my daughter

  60. Joanna Sawka

    to visit Nepal

  61. Natalie Ray

    A camper van around europe with the family and the dogs.x

  62. Jane Middleton

    Peru would be lovely

  63. ellie spider

    I’d like to tour the USA in a RV 😀 doing the whole of route 66

  64. Anita hargreaves

    The Maldives

  65. Natalie Crossan

    To go to Lapland xx

  66. Victoria Prince

    My dream adventure would to go round the world! Stopping everywhere along the way

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