Pirates don’t play cricket – Review

Pirates say ‘Avast me hearties’, they sail big extravagant ships, they look for treasure but they Don’t Play Cricket ………… or do they?!

‘Pirates don’t play Cricket’ by Iain O’Brien (a former international cricket player for New Zealand) and Rowan Gibson (a mum, teacher and first time author) is a children’s book published by My Little Big Town. It follows the story of Dan and Priya as they stumble upon a group of swashbuckling pirates.Pirates dont play cricket

Priya and Dan are walking along the beach only to come across Pirates playing Cricket, they join in and a game of fun and frolics takes hold, but then a group of bad pirates arrive…….

It is a really fun story that rhymes as you read it.  Both Monkey and Mouse really enjoyed listening to the whole book!  The beautiful illustrations really add to the tale too, they are bright, colourful and stand out; there is a lot to look at without taking away from the story!  Both children were engrossed in the story and happily pointed out things in the pictures that they liked or that made them laugh!

Monkey and Mouse both love Pirates, and can be quite sporty, but they don’t really know a lot about cricket, the great thing is that really doesn’t matter with this book.  The knowledge from Iain O’Brien shines through without being too overpowering with the cricket, this meaning that it can appeal to anyone, whether they are fans of the sport or not. 

The books has joined the rest of the ‘bookworm library’ we have in the house and will be read on many occasions more, I am sure!

Pirates dont play cricket2

Disclaimer: The book was sent to us for the purpose of this review, we remain honest at all times


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  1. Arrrrgh, but they do!

    probably not on board ship though…

      • nick on September 4, 2013 at 14:51
      • Reply

      Perhaps the phrase ‘Shiver me Timbers’ is a Pirate batsman challenging the bowler to remove all 3 [wooden] stumps!

      1. Very good… 😀

  2. This looks like great fun

  3. we have this book too and my boys really enjoyed it

  4. ahhh.. pirates! looks a great book

  5. sound a fun book!

  6. Looks a great book, loving the pictures they are really good

  7. Looks like a great book

  8. It’s a great book isn’t it – different to what I expected when I first saw it!

  9. Sounds like a really fun book matey!

  10. Hopefully they don’t loose too many balls overboard!

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