Poem – Despair in the Kitchen

Dedicated to @findenlake on Twitter. He requested 3 poems, on asking what topics he gave despair, change and Kitchen Roll – well I hope this one poem will do!

This goes out to you Pat (sausage)!!

Despair in the Kitchen

Everyday I despair
My mood hits the ground
I get so very sad
At what I have found

Why is change so hard for me
Why can I not cope
It’s only one less sheet
I don’t have any hope

I need to learn to accept
That this is it’s goal
I bought it to be used
It’s just kitchen roll


© Kelly Brett 2010


    • theothermousie on September 2, 2010 at 07:06
    • Reply

    I love this poem – I find it captures the essence of everyday kitchen life, the waste, the futility of one sheet never really being enough (maybe 2 will do?). I think the kitchen roll actually represents life here, like a desk calendar, each day torn brutally away & discarded in the bin… ; )

    • Vicky on September 2, 2010 at 08:34
    • Reply

    How very true!

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