Possible RSI

I am sat here in front of the telly, trying not to do anything. Both of my arms are in pain, and I’ve got a doctor’s appointment later to sort out what it might be, but until then I’m trying to rest them.

Do you know how hard it is to do nothing? It’s the School holidays – I’ve got the Monkey and the Mouse at home wanting to be entertained, I’ve got work to do from the day job that includes working on the computer and I have blogging to do to do. Heck I have bogging I WANT to do!

When I got up this morning the Monkey and the Mouse told me straight away that daddy had left strict instructions for me, that if I did ANY work today they had to tell me off. They even listed what I could and couldn’t do; work, lifting, moving and especially typing.

Mouse is one of those people who knows when there is something wrong without anyone saying anything, she reads feelings and always wants to help. So, I agreed to do as little as possible until I see a doctor, to stop her worrying.

But I had an idea, I would write by microphone, I would tell the computer what I wanted it to type……There is a good chance that none of this makes sense is it tries to decipher what I’m trying to say!

I don’t know what to do to help my wrists and arms, when they feel like this you quickly realise how much you use them! I am doing extra hours at work in a slightly different to my normal day job which is data based, so it is mainly typing, tidying up systems, looking up things on the computer and generally using my hands/wrists/arms all of the time. There is a good chance this is what has caused my arms to start hurting and I think I may have some kind of RSI (although I am not a doctor)!image

I am trying to rest the arm as I figure this may be the doctor’s advice too, and wearing a tubigrip thing, but as it is my right arm hurts most and I am right-handed this is tricky….and of course sods law means that because I’ve been trying to use the other arm a bit more – that wrist is now hurting too.

Roll on the doctors! Do you have any advice? Any miracle cures if it is RSI?


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  1. Oh no! I have no advice. Just wanted to wish you luck at the doctors.
    Take things easy x

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