Mar 03

Postcard from our Half Term

Dear All

Take Two sets of gooey eyes, one ear infection, one two-day migraine, one sore-throat, one growing tooth, one headache, four lots of tiredness and Labyrithitis. Throw in some dizziness, sickness, snottiness and medication, mix all together and you have half term!

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My Rock: Get Well Soon

This is a post for the Postcards and Rock blog hop run by Kids Travel 2


  1. Julia, KidsTravel2

    Oh dear, poor you 🙁 That does not sound a fun half term. Hopefully you are all on the mend? Are you back at work now too?

  2. @mummiafelice

    I’ll pass if it’s all the same! Sounds like you had a rotten half term 🙁

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