May 30

Prima Princessa Presents Sleeping Beauty DVD – Review and Competition

Our beautiful 3  year old daughter, Mouse, is like most girls her age and has wanted to be a princess, a ballerina and spiderman (well the last one might just be mouse, but she gets that from her brother.)

Mouse is always dancing and often is found doing her own version of Ballet, she especially loves going on her Tippy Toes! Although you should never judge a book *ahem* DVD by its cover, but I have to say ‘Prima Princessa Presents Sleeping Beauty’ looks lovely.  It is a very girly pink and has a picture of a grown up ballerina and a girl that Mouse can relate too, Mouse couldn’t wait to put it on to further her skills.


The DVD is easy to follow and gives the viewers the opportunity to watch the professionals at work and then have a go themselves, showing lots of different moves to copy and learn. It is really enjoyable!

Mouse did find it a little too long to watch in one go but it is fine to be watched in stages; when she is a touch older I think she will watch the whole thing in full, over and over again.

Prima Princessa Presents Sleeping Beauty DVD featuring The Royal Ballet of London for children ages 3-6.
Independently produced by 2 mums, Prima Princessa Sleeping Beauty contains an entertaining mix of live ballet and mini ballet lessons young children can dance along to. Enjoy excerpts of The London Ballet dancing in The Sleeping Beauty narrated especially for children by a cartoon ballerina speaking with a British accent. In between acts, children enjoy mini dance lesson montages featuring ballet students at the acclaimed New York City Ballet school. Bonus features include fun crafts and a magical tea party.


If you want to see a promo video for it, head over to youtube to watch it!

Now for a chance to win a copy for your own little Ballerina.  All you have to do is follow the instructions on the raffle copter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. anna

    would be good for my friends 3 year old!

  2. laura banks

    my friends little girl leah

  3. Holly Smith

    My little Girl Mollie-Rose

  4. Fiona Martin

    Miss M would love this – she does ballet lessons every week and loves showing me her new moves – I’d love to win this for her.

  5. jo glasspool

    For dancing daughter.x

  6. Gill Gaffney

    My daughter would love this. She’s currently at Primary level and doing her exams in November.

  7. Clare Martin

    My daughter!

  8. Lynsey Buchanan

    my daughter

  9. Eileen Teo

    for my girl

  10. sophie spiby

    Baby girl I care for.

  11. Charlotte Clark

    My daughter x

  12. Karen Barrett

    My Grand-Daughter, Ellie

  13. Aimee Swift

    My two little budding ballerinas Jennifer age 4 and Betsy Sui age 1.

  14. Hilda Hazel Wright

    I’d like to win for my grandaughters Chloe and Olivia!

  15. Allan Smith

    My niece

  16. ValB

    My granddaughter Tilly has just started ballet lessons and is twirling abut everywhere !

  17. Angela Spicer

    5yo would love this, so would have to be for her.

  18. hannah oneill

    My neice

  19. Gary Topley

    My daughter Jasmine x

  20. jennifer thorpe

    my little girl Holly

  21. Sarah Parker

    my daughter Emily 🙂

  22. Julie Davies

    my niece would love to win this when she comes to visit

  23. Mark Palmer

    My daughter

  24. Tammy Tudor

    my little 9 year old sister!

  25. Andi Gurney

    My Daughter Millie

  26. Tina Holmes

    My daughter

  27. Solange

    My daughter

  28. Joanna Sawka

    my friend’s daughter

  29. jayne underwood

    my 3 yr old daughter Holly

  30. leanne williams

    5yo would love this, so would have to be for her.

  31. Claire Butler

    my best mate 2 lil girls

  32. Veronica Therawati

    my lovely niece

  33. Clare White

    My little niece who just loves to dance

  34. Jenny Rogers

    My friend has 2 little girls who both love ballet.

  35. Esme McCrubb

    my little niece emily

  36. Amy Ripley

    For my daughter who loves it!

  37. kelli flanagan

    My 4 year old daughter

  38. Stacey Wardle

    My friend’s little girl 🙂

  39. Mickie Bull

    My girlfriend’s daughter, Grace

  40. Carol De

    My niece, she can’t make up her mind if she wants to be a ballerina or pop star at the moment, but dances along to all music.

  41. leighanne palfrey

    my seven year old daughter :O)

  42. Hayley F

    My neice

  43. Sarah Ballantyne

    My gorgeous daughter Caitlin currently loves stomping around her tap class but has decided that, now she is a big girl of almost 4 years old, she would like to wear a tutu and try ballet.

  44. cathyj

    my niece doesnt stand still

  45. Karen R

    My daughter!

  46. Susan Willshee

    Daisy aged 2 swings between wanting to be a fairy and wanting to be a ballerina. She wanders around the house in a tutu with wings on and she keeps trying to stand on her tiptoes – so she would love this!

  47. Kim Carberry

    My 5 year old Ellie!! She would love this!!

  48. Lani Nash

    My niece Iris

  49. Diana

    My girl :}

  50. Laura Dickson

    My Little Girl


    My friend’s daughter.

  52. Ashleigh

    my daughter!

  53. David Jackson

    my goddaughter would love this dvd

  54. Eleanor C

    I have two! My lovely little daughters! 🙂

  55. Becky John

    My niece is a budding ballerina and would love this

  56. Leeana

    My Daughter

  57. Catherine Miller

    My twin girls

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