Pulsin’ Kids’ Fruity Oat Bars Review

There are some NEW deliciously wholesome oat bars made with real fruit and natural ingredients on the scene and we were very pleased to give them a taste and to tell you about them! 12992897_10156849782325445_1418729192_n

Pulsin was founded by three friends who met at university in 2007; they have developed award-winning nutrition products  that are suitable for vegetarians (many are also suitable for Vegans) and are formulated without sugar, wheat or gluten.  Pulsin have are now using their expertise to make nutritious products for children.

We were lucky enough to receive three different flavours of the Fruity Oat Bars; Apple and Blackcurrant, Strawberry and Orange Choc Chip. The Monkey and the Mouse couldn’t wait to dive in a have a taste!

The bars have been lovingly created for kids aged three to nine years, which is perfect for my two (Monkey is 8 and Mouse is 6).  Having seen them both enjoy the bars and knowing that they are good for them I am more than happy for the kids to have them! 12992314_10156849780840445_2075702886_nMonkey and Mouse have told me that they are ‘awesome delicious’ and ‘delicious quadruple billion’. Daddy has claimed the chocolate brownie we were sent!!

The great thing for us parents is that they are healthy and tasty (you don’t very often get both)! The kids love them and they can be eaten on the go as a snack or as part of a lunch (perfect for the school lunchbox!).  The  Pulsin’ Kids’ Fruity Oat Bars have reduced sugar and only contain natural sugars.

Pulsin’ co-founder and nutritionist, Ben Lewis says “When I first looked at the kids’ snack bar category I was shocked at the level of sugars and artificial ingredients in many products which parents routinely give to children as snacks, especially as kids are even more sensitive to poor nutrition than adults! I believe kids deserve better quality food so I set about creating the Pulsin’

The Bars are also made with a nut free recipe, count as one of their five a day, are gluten-free, dairy fee and soya free with no artificial ingredients. You are going to struggle to find another snack suitable for the children that are tasty and that tick all them boxes!

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