The Queens Jubilee 2012

I had to do a post to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012. It has been a worldwide event, so it only seems right that I share how we marked the occasion! Unfortunately there were no street parties being held in our area – I would love to go to one of them!

We decided on doing something very British, a BBQ – rain or shine we were going to cook ourselves some meat outside and follow it up with lots of cake.  All day Sunday it rained, but all I could say was ‘fine, get it out today, tomorrow will be Barbecuing weather’.

Legs started the celebration off with the statement ‘Did you know the Queen is coming to our planet?’ – I think he meant city.  I tried to explain to the kids about what the jubilee was and Legs chipped in with the Queen had been Queen for 60 years and became it when she was just 21 years old (he had been listening at pre-school!)

So along came the parents and siblings in law, and the fire was lit!

The three men stood around the cooking meat, being all manly whilst the girls got the salad ready! I even made some cheese straws for the first time ever! I was right (ish) about the weather too, the rain held off until about 30 mins after the BBQ!

It was a lovely day which we finished off with a visit to the park and once the kids had gone to bed some Guitar Hero and some Wine – perfect!

So what did you do?





  1. Sounds like a fun day and a memory for the future

    • Elaine Livingstone (@pooohbear2811) on June 12, 2012 at 10:25
    • Reply

    my granddaughter asked her mummy who was on the throne when she was born…think she got a playful skelped lug for her trouble

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