Reading with friends!

As you may have gathered we really do love reading! It is a passion that all four of us share and something we do nearly everyday.

Monkey and Mouse have been brought up from birth with books, Monkey had them read to him before he was on solid food and we loved to see him explore a book on his own, not being able to walk but being able to lift flaps, turn pages and chew on a corner or two! Mouse was introduced early too, as  I was breast-feeding her she would listen intently to me reading to them, or Monkey reciting a book as he turned the pages.

Their love of books has grown; it is a great time for Daddy and I to bond with them, Monkey loves to learn from them and to find new wonderful worlds that he talks about and wants to play in.

I love reading because I find it is my calm place, it takes me into another world and I can can get excited, sad or scared – depending on the book I am reading. I love a wide range of genres from funny to classic to real life. The kids seem to be following in my footsteps too they are happy to read anything.

I am a big believer in reading being suitable for all ages – right from birth! Through my work I have seen the amazing things books can do, they can help people, bring them out of their shells (giving them something to talk about and share), they bring smiles and help with development too! prize

One of the most popular books I have seen in Dear Zoo, both Monkey and the Mouse loved it when they were smaller, in fact Mouse still does – she loves animals and still to this days ‘plays Dear Zoo’, such an inspiring little book – simple to read but full of fun.

It is a book I have used teaching baby signing as the animals in it are really helpful and have seen babies sit enthralled at the story.

There is a fab new website to go along with the book too – ‘Dear Zoo and Friends’,  Pan Macmillan worked with MumPanel, parents and children to find out what they wanted from the Dear Zoo website; the website name was even suggested by a mum.

it is a lovely website full of amazing things. There is a whole section on the books by the fantastic Rod Campbell so you can find your next read; there is even a shop to buy them in!  There are some games to play and we love the memory game. You also have a chance to win through the site (Click the above picture to be taken there!)

My favourite part is the activities section – full of fun make and dos for the children, guidance for parents and resources for teachers. It is amazing how much education, fun and love can come from a book!


Disclaimer: Picture credits go to the Dear Zoo and Friends Website! I am being sent some goodies for sharing this with you, this doesn’t change what I have said – it is a fab website and you should check it out!


  1. Aww! I remember Dear Zoo from when my girls were little…..Such a lovely book!
    It sounds like a great website x

  2. We loved Dear Zoo when Monkey was smaller, it was his buggy book too.

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