Readyroom Wall Stickers Review

The Monkey and the Mouse love putting things on their bedroom walls, they are currently covered in posters, tickets, drawings, photos and bunting.

As they are getting older they seem to want to put up more and more. They don’t just want anything up there….they want Murals, wall stickers and art. Oh, and don’t forget the clocks, lights and extra bits they want to fill any small space they have left with. wa-logoWe were lucky enough to be sent some wall stickers from the Worlds Apart ReadyRoom range to look at.

“ReadyRoom Wall Stickers transform kids’ spaces in a flash, with fun stickers they love and characters they adore. This unique wall sticker range includes practical elements from a hook for hanging clothes, to a soothing night light that gives extra wow.”

The range comes in a wide range of characters including Disney, Hello Kitty and Thomas the Tank Engine, to add a little uniqueness the range includes some lovely practical and fun features;

“Safe ‘n’ Sound Lumiglow Wall Sticker that switches on with a clap of hands and glows softly for 2 minutes – providing a gentle light for reassurance at bedtime. Whereas the Hang Tidy Wall Sticker consists of individual stickers with two hooks that can be arranged in a character scene, encouraging independence and routine.
Other wall stickers within the range include the Bright Switch, Stick a Story, Ringading Doorbell and Tick Tock Teller”

We were sent Disney Princesses for Mouse with the lumiglow nightlight and Planes for Monkey with clock, we were really impressed with the range and couldn’t wait to give them a whirl!

556DPN01E-Disney-Princess-Glow-for-me-Night-Glow-04-580x500We did have a few small issues with putting them up, but this was due to our walls not the stickers, unfortunately the children’s bedrooms walls were a little too bumpy for the stickers to sit nicely, the old wallpaper has been painted over (previous to us moving in) and the raised pattern on the paper doesn’t make for a very good surface.

However, we came up with a plan; we placed the planes clock in our kitchen above the dining table. On the smooth wall application was easy, so easy in fact a child could do it! The clock face fits nicely in the middle and it looks great. We have had comments from visitors about how lovely (and unique) our kitchen clock is! It is glow in the dark too so perfect for when we are going down for a midnight drink!HowwKk-bzElBfxNFOfPc3V8bApriDKfThpGNeX3zT5UWe are planning on moving very soon, so Monkey is saving the rest of the stickers for his new bedroom. He loves them and said he would rather wait so he can have them in his own room on a smooth wall and he has already decided that he will be putting them up himself to make it his own. g_nHlx6BM8xN6pJG5f0ekTqVh-TeNit9E8QGEIgIAj4Mouse’s night light could go on the bumpy walls and it is beautiful as a stand alone item, although building stickers around it would be magnificent too. Mouse loves the fact that the stickers build a whole scene and wants to save the stickers too (to be like her brother) she loves princesses and loves pink – did i know that she loves princesses and pink!?

As a mummy I love how gorgeous these are, I love how it is a whole picture and has a practical use.  I love that there is something for all ages in terms of what you can put on them, but most of all I love that the kids love them!

I would recommend these to decorate any young persons room, the greatness of the different practical bits means that different aged children can find something to suit them – it won’t be long before Mouse is asking for a clock and I know Monkey would love a Doorbell!555PLN01E-Planes-Tell-the-Time-with-Me-Wall-Clock-03-580x580


  1. They look so lovely and cute! I bet your kitchen wall look fantastic now with the plane clock!

  2. These are such a great alternative to everyday wall stickers and I love that you put the Planes clock in your kitchen!

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