*Review* Bisto Melts

My name is MoolBoots and I like food! I am always on the lookout for new things to try, different things and things that can get the kids involved in the cooking!


New Bisto Melts are little portions of concentrated stock that contains real meat juices (apart from the vegetable ones that contain real vegetable extracts).  They come in three flavours; Beef, Chicken and Vegetable and are lower in salt than competitors stock pots. They can also be used diluted in water to make a stock, or be put straight in the pan to melt directly onto your  food.

All sounds good right?! Well, yes!

To put them to the test properly we tried it both ways, and the kids (Monkey, 4 years old and Mouse, 2 years old) donned their Aprons and Chefs hats to lend a hand!

We started off making a simple chicken and vegetables stir fry,  we added the stock pot straight to the wok and watched it melt! Daddy said it made the chicken taste like chicken but extra nice! We were very impressed with the ease of it all! The kids chopped the chicken, I did the onions, we threw it all in the wok and added the Bisto Melt and Ta-Dah, serve, eat and be happy!

So next we tried it the stock way, with a vegetable risotto! This time you pop the melt into water to make your stock!  We added the rice, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, onions and waited! Another DE-licious meal with minimal fuss or mess!

The kids helped again; Monkey made the Stock (under very close supervision of course) and they both loved being able to help! In fact they asked whether they were cooking again tomorrow night with us!

So, the real question is, what to make next with the Bisto Melts?

Disclaimer: We  were sent the Bisto Melts and a few ingredients for the purpose of this review, this however has no bearing on the review and we remain honest at all times!   We were also sent the cutest little aprons and chef hats for the kids with their names on – they were fantastic and the kids loved them, so thank you ketchumpleon for them!

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