Jun 25

Review – Geek Shirts

My husband loves t-shirts, not just any t-shirts but funky, geeky, awesome ones! Every Christmas, Birthday, well any occasion where he is asked what he would like for a present, T-shirts are always up there top of the list!

He likes ones that are a little bit different, something that is a bit interesting.

Geek Shirts is a t-shirt blog which provides news, reviews, contests and more from the t-shirt world, it is like a geek fashion blog.

Recently they have launched a shop to sell some of their own designs, my husband is lucky enough to have a couple of them.

They are really good quality t-shirts, and perfect for the (not so inner) geek of my other half! I particularly like the ‘Geek Illusion’ Tee, it is brilliant it actually looks like sunglasses on a pocket!


The other half is loving this t-shirt and wears it often, it has been through the wash quite a few times and is still in great condition; it still has it’s colour and shape.

We have also enjoyed the stickers and badges that came too, these really are brilliant designs and we would say go over to the Geek Shirts Store and have a look for yourself! A great blog, a great shop and great designs!  Brilliant!

Disclaimer: husband was sent the shirt for free to take a look at, but all opinions are honest!


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  1. Kate P

    Looks like an interesting design! Had a peek at the shop and not much there yet – will be worth keeping an eye on though x

  2. Fiona Martin

    They look great!

  3. Angela Spicer

    Love it! Hubby likes different slogans on his clothes

  4. Mummy of Two

    That looks like a great t-shirt – sure my OH would love it!

  5. anna

    i like the sunglasses pocket one 😀

  6. LauraCYMFT

    Wee Z has a geek t-shirt but it’s just the work GEEK across the chest. Not as cool looking as this one. (And he chose the t-shirt himself LOL!)

  7. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    My other half has a thing for t-shirts – he has about 100, including one by your fella! Geek T-shirts are one he’s been looking at since Christmas, but I won’t let him buy any more at the moment :op

  8. Eileen Teo

    interesting tshirt!

  9. Mary @over40andamumtoone

    Looks good – my OH doesn’t seem to like T-shirts but I can think of a few people who would like something a bit different.

  10. Tina Mansfield

    Loving the sunglasses, such a fun idea, now you need mini versions for the kids!

  11. Red Rose Mummy

    These look great, I’m always in favour of t-shirts that look a bit different!

  12. maillot de foot pas cher

    Many thanks a whole lot for sharing!

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