Jun 14

Review – Haba Pirates Costume

IMG_4719Like many children both Monkey and the Mouse love any play that involves using their imagination, they love to pretend and be someone different. I would say that dressing up is a massive part of this! We sometime struggle to find good quality costumes that they both can use!

Monkey and Mouse were both very excited when they first saw the Captain Charlie outfit from Haba as Pirates is one of their favourite games that they play together and these really added to the play.

Monkey couldn’t wait to put the beard on and be a ‘grown-up pirate’ and he had to wear his sunglasses because pirates wear eye-patches!

The bright red jacket is fantastic and both of my kids were able to wear it comfortably as the age is from 3-6 years. The coat topped off with the belt, hat and beard, it really is a fantastic set.


The costume is made from a thickish felt that will last lots of play and the hat is really sturdy. We have had pirate hats before that have broken very easily but I can see this one lasted ages!

Monkey found the beard to be a little irritating at times, but because it Velcro’s on, we just moved it down and put it so it was under his chin instead of over his mouth and he was very happy again.

So if you want a costume that looks good, fits more than one age range (even Daddy and I have had the hat on) and that is going to last I would look towards Haba! I would definitely recommend this and we are looking at getting the sword to finish the outfit off, and we are looking at the other outfits they have too!


Disclaimer: I received this costume as part of my role as Haba Ambassador, all opinions are honest


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  1. Fiona Martin

    He looks great – what a fab little outfit!

  2. Mummy of Two

    What a great outfit! Love, love, love the beard!

  3. Eileen Teo

    it look fab!

  4. Al Gordon

    Hi Kelly.

    This looks like a lovely costume and very suited to you. I’m starting to think of pirates often now when I think of you lol :o)

  5. Red Rose Mummy

    That is brilliant! I love it!

  6. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    It is a fantastic costume – even my boys would wear that! 😀

  7. anna

    never really realised haba make costumes too! bet it is better quality than some others you see in the high street!

  8. Mary @over40andamumtoone

    do like the look of this – made to last

  9. LauraCYMFT

    That beard is brilliant!

  10. Kate P

    I LOVE the beard – how fab x

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