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I am not a morning person, I used to be, but now the sound of the alarm fills me with dread.  Getting up and getting ready is a bit of a challenge for me, I tend to be on a bit of a ‘go slow’.

I am not much of a breakfast person either, I am much better with a cup of coffee than food first thing in the morning. I will be honest, the snooze button often wins over me having the extra time to eat.

Well it seems Hovis have the answer. Something small to nibble on for breakfast, saving me time in the morning, giving me that little bit of extra snoozing time and it tastes fantastic, divine even!

The Hovis Breakfast Bakes range comes in a variety of flavours and is a Breakfast biscuit.  They come in boxes of five handy packs and each pack has four delicious biscuits, perfect for a quick brekkie on the way to work or even sat at your desk.

Hovis have years of experience in breakfast and they have put this to good use, combining healthy wholegrains and wheatgerm, and not adding artificial flavourings or preservatives and creating a great start to the day!

My favourite flavour is definitely the oats and honey, but all of the flavours are great!

These really are delicious and I would definitely recommend that you give them a try!  I have never used the word Devine about a biscuit before, but I certainly have (and will keep doing) about these!

Hovis Breakfast Biscuits!Disclaimer: I was sent the Hovis Breakfast Bakes for the purpose of this review, My reviews are always honest

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  1. not seen these before! it sounds quite good. i never miss breakfast though, im not a morning person either but i really need my breakfast otherwise i get grumpy without it!

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