Review – JoJo Siwa Bow and Microphone

I have managed to miss a lot of ‘trends’ with Mouse, she is more into sports than anything.  However, JoJo Siwa is a big thing in the world of Mouse and her friends, they love her singing, her fashion and her youtube channel. We were sent some JoJo merchandise to take a look at and to give you an honest review of – I was sue they were going to be a hit!Photo 11-11-2017, 13 15 45When the JoJo Siwa Bodacious Bow and Light up Microphone arrived Mouse was absolutely delighted. She has been looking at JoJo Bows and was so chuffed to now own her own. Also being a lover of singing the microphone held as much excitement.

The Bodacious Bow is styled just like the ones that JoJo is famous for. They come in lots of different bright and beautiful colours – we were sent a blue one with silver hearts on it and it is lovely! I really like the colour and Mouse loves it. Attached to it is also a rainbow coloured hair extension.

The bow is put easily into the hair using the clip on the back (like an alligator clip)  and the colour matches the bow. Both the material and the hair is soft, Mouse loves wearing it and it hasn’t irritated her at all.Photo 11-11-2017, 18 14 38

Mouse loves this bow and I can see it becoming a key part of her wardrobe. Mouse admires JoJo and has said that it is nice to be able to have something that is like a famous person you like who sings good! I know that this Bow will feature on Mouse’s Christmas list – she will need different colours of course!

The light up microphone is a one piece toy; it is made from plastic and is a real working microphone. You need 2 x AAA batteries, but that is all the set up you need.

The top of the microphone lights up and you can press a button to sing along to JoJo’s hit boomerang. Alternatively you can connect it to your MP3 player and sing along to another song.

Mouse couldn’t wait to get singing on the microphone – with her bow in her hair she felt like she was JoJo Siwa! We had some minor problems with feedback from the microphone but we think this was from being too close to it when singingPhoto 11-11-2017, 18 17 53I wasn’t sure whether the microphone was going to be a bit of a novelty, but so far it has been picked up and played with loads. Mouse really does love to see and anything that she can sing into is going to be a bonus. It is a sturdy plastic decorated with a lovely pink bow and has been dropped on our living room floor but has not broken.

I think these are going to be very popular over the coming months – especially for Christmas – and Mouse agrees, she says that lots of her friends would like them!

Both the microphone and the Bodacious Bow have a RRP of £14.99 and can be found in several toy shops.

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