Review of Bellz

We love games, board games, video games, even made up games; especially this time of year when it is darker in the evening and we just want to cosy down each night with something fun. We were very happy to add Bellz from Spinmaster to our collection and give it a test run!Photo 17-11-2016, 18 57 58When the game arrived the kids couldn’t wait to play. The bells definitely attracted them to it.  In the box you get 40 bells, a double ended magnet and a travel pouch. The bells come in different sizes and in four different colours, they are fairly light but not too flimsy. The magnet has a smaller magnet one end and a stronger one the other and the travel pouch actually becomes the playing board too. Photo 17-11-2016, 18 58 47The idea of the game is to collect all of your own colour (of which there are 10) but you are not allowed to collect any other colour. You take it in turns until one of you has all your colour. You can select which magnet you use – sometimes the bigger one is too strong for what you are going for so you need the weaker one. Photo 17-11-2016, 18 59 47It is a simple game to play and it is also a lot of fun. The rules are simple and children can follow well. I love the fact that we can play as a family or the kids (aged 6 and 8) can play just the two of them.  You can simplify it further by just playing who can collect the most bells (regardless of colour).

The travel pouch is fantastic for storage (everything fits in) and is a great size for travel. We will definitely be taking it when we go away to hotels or to families houses to keep the kids entertained. Photo 17-11-2016, 19 02 48The Monkey and the Mouse often get it out to play and I only know because of the bells jingling and the giggling! They have so much fun playing it and has said that they definitely think other children would love it too!

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