Review of Craftbox Fairy Charm jewellery

The last two weeks of March is majorly busy for us, often including entertaining various children because both the Monkey and the Mouse have their birthdays within 3 days of each other. On the lookout for craft items at Mouse’s request for her birthday tea party, I was over the moon to be offered the Fairy Charm Jewellery kit to try!
Photo 25-03-2017, 09 32 13 (1)The Craftbox kit from Interplay contains all you need to make some fab jewellery; 5m Stretch Cord, 10 Clasp beads, 5 clasps, 12 key ring, 8 Metal Fairy Charms, 4 Enamelled Fairy Charm and 320 beads of various shapes and colours. The colours (pink, purple, fuchsia, green and silver) within the set are gorgeous and really go well together, Mouse was very excited about the set. Photo 25-03-2017, 12 14 20The stretch cord is pink and perfect for threading the beads on, Mouse, her friends and Monkey (yes even Monkey joined in) all found the threading easy and had a lot of fun making different patterns on their own creations. It is suggested that you can make up to 10 pieces of fabulous jewellery, this is dependant on what you make (whether you choose keyrings, necklaces or bracelets) as you cut your own lengths of cord and you may be able to make a little more than 10!Photo 07-04-2017, 17 07 30The charms are lovely and although it is a fairy set there are other charms too, some are coloured, some are plain silver, all are very pretty! I was surprised if I am honest, that Monkey wanted to join in – I thought that the colours and charms may be too girly for him, but he was very happy with the horse charm he chose for his first piece and he says the colours are great for jewellery.Photo 25-03-2017, 09 32 17I am impressed with the kit, it kept the children entertained, they made something they could keep and they found it simple to use. It created conversation about what they were making and what they were using to do it. The kids have had great fun with this set and have been asking whether there are other sets with different colours and charms (which there are by the way, I have my eye on the snow fairy and the mermaid sets). We have necklaces and bracelets so far and even Smiley has a new collar!

Photo 07-04-2017, 17 12 30

We would buy this set again for us to play with or would buy as a gift for others, it is lovely and has brought lots of smiles! We would definitely recommend to others. Our groups of children 6 years plus all found it great to play with and simple to do!

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