Review of Dudley Zoo for #BritainsBestDaysOut

Tots100 has teamed up with to find Britain’s Best Days Out, as part of this we were really lucky to be sent a family ticket for Dudley Zoo, the only thing we had to do was decide when to go!

After the excitement of Christmas and the welcoming in of the New year, we thought it would be nice if we waited a couple of weeks back into the school term and went over to Dudley on a Chilly January Saturday, thinking it would be a fab treat for the month that is usually associated with feeling down after the festive fun, especially after heading back to work!

We also thought that if we could enjoy a day there in the cold (and I am talking really really cold) then we could enjoy it anytime!

It took us a little over an hour to get there and directing ourselves to it was easy, we were a little surprised to find it located in what appeared to be the middle of the town, but it was so easy to find and there was a car park too (£3.50 per car for the day).

We donned our hats, gloves and grabbed the picnic and headed in! The Zoo was bigger than we first thought and there certainly was a lot to see! Even though it really was cold we got to see most of the animals, a few wanted to stay inside but that was fine because they had houses we could visit! The Flamingos weren’t playing and neither were the penguins (can’t understand why, they are from the cold aren’t they?).

There is a wide range of animals at the Zoo, ranging from the giraffes to the Meer cats, and the Snakes to a Raven (poor thing had a sad back ground but is being cared for by the Zoo).  There is so much to see and learn, you don’t even realise it is educational through the fun you are having!

The staff we met were so friendly and seemed to be enjoying their jobs too!  We took our picnic with us this time and there are plenty of lovely places to eat it! We did have warm drinks from the cafe, which was nice and clean and had a lot on offer in the way of food! We saw a Birthday Party enjoying their lunch all face painted up – lots of smiles and fun was being had by all!

There is a castle in the middle of the Zoo, and it is fab! It is really quite big and nothing like what you would expect to see on a trip to the zoo, it is awesome; the kids loved running around and exploring it, we went up the tower too and you could see right out over Dudley!Knight Leggies and Princess Mouse claimed the castle as there own and they were fighting the Mummy and Daddy Dragon with full energy! There is a tavern and a courtyard, I can see us spending a lot of time around that area on a summer visit!


So what did we think? Well we explored, we ran, we watched, we talked to the animals, we laughed, we shivered, we learnt stuff, we said we would visit again (a lot) and most of all we had so much fun!

Definitely a top day out! There is so much on offer that I think the best way to showcase it all is with this slideshow – An Alphabet Review of Dudley Zoo!

Thank you so much to for this day out, it really made our January more interesting! We will definitely visit Dudley Zoo again (will try summer next time!).


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    • Fiona Martin on January 17, 2013 at 00:20
    • Reply

    Love your A-Z video, it is fab – well done!!

  1. Great review thanks from everyone at Dudley Zoo. Glad you had a great day out with us depsite the cold weather and we hope to see you again soon! We really liked the A-Z video great idea!

    • lauracymft on January 17, 2013 at 22:01
    • Reply

    Excellent post and I love your video! So clever!

    • pinkoddy on January 19, 2013 at 15:28
    • Reply

    Sounds like it has improved a lot since I last went there over 20 years ago.

    • Pippa Ainsworth on September 29, 2014 at 20:41
    • Reply

    Ah, that looks like a fab day out. We have family in the West Midlands so I will definitely add it to our list for future visits. Thanks for linkking up to #WHWH

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