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Both Monkey and Mouse love the outdoors and nature but recently we have not had as much opportunity to get out and about as we normally would like. A perfect time I think to give the ‘Fairy Flowerpot’ from Interplay a test run! Photo 19-02-2017, 15 37 33Within the set you get the flowerpot and the fairy, along with a pack of ‘easy to grow’ seeds. Everything you need to know to put it together is in the instruction booklet! All we had to provide was some compost – Monkey and Mouse couldn’t wait to get their hands dirty (Literally).Photo 19-02-2017, 15 42 15 (1)Nice and easy to do; Monkey and Mouse were able to do it with minimal supervision. You start by putting compost in the pot, the instructions are really clear and tell you how much to put in. Photo 19-02-2017, 15 46 18Next up is the seeds; you use about half the packet and spread them out a little, Monkey felt like a real gardener doing this!

Cover it up with more soil and you are done! It really is as easy as that, the fairy can go in her little doorway and keep an eye on her home and your growing seeds. Monkey decided that we should decorate the pot more and make a home for the fairy. He used cocktail sticks, tape, thread and paper to make some bunting/washing line. It was starting to look like a garden; so he added some buttons and wire to make a table and chairs too. Photo 19-02-2017, 16 23 11 (1)Now, we wait! We have got them on the windowsill and are keeping the soil moist. Both Monkey and Mouse and tending to it and checking on it regularly. They can’t wait to see them growing (Keep an eye on my instagram for growing updates!).

Monkey’s Thoughts

“I really liked this Fairy Garden, I found it easy to do the planting and a bit hard to make my decorations. I liked that the fairy had a door to stand in and we could make it into garden by adding things we had made. I think it is great and I would tell my friends to get one”

Mouse’s Thoughts 

“I thought it was good, I liked it because you can add things to decorate it. You can open the door and it is fun. I like planting seeds in the house”

I am really impressed with this kit, it is a lovely set and both the kids enjoyed preparing it and now are taking their responsibilities of looking after it very seriously. The pot itself is made of plastic and it study enough if it is dropped (we tested this by accident).

Others bonuses are that the pot can be reused, you can decorate to make it your own and if you lose the instructions you can download them from the interplay website! I think this would be a lovely birthday gift and it spreads a love of nature!

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