Review of Orchard Toys On the Farm – Giant Jigsaw Playmat

Everyone knows that we have been impressed by Orchard Toys before, so recently when we were getting over that nasty bout of flu, we got out the New ‘On the Farm, Giant Jigsaw Playmat‘ from Orchard Toys in the hope that it would keep the attention of the Monkey and the Mouse long enough for us to sit down and have a drink!

The Playmat is made up of 14 jigsaw pieces that fit perfectly together to give you the Farm!  The pieces are a great size! They are made of a thick durable cardboard and fit together really easily! Mouse who is 2 years old can build it on her own!

There are 12 characters include; tractor, people and animals, they all stand up too! It is a fab set and playable as a stand alone toy!

There is a massive added bonus that the playmat can also be linked to the Giant Road Jigsaw (which we already have) and it doubles the playing space!


Well, we wanted it to entertain the Monkey and the Mouse and boy did it?!  Our living room became and city, all kind of figures and cars joined the game! The kids absolutely love it, and each time it is set up, it is set up slightly different. They can play with it for ages!


There is so much play to have and it encourages the imagination of both the kids and of Mummy and Daddy too! It is certainly a fab addition to the games shelf and I am 100% positive it will get played with over and over again!


Disclaimer: We were provided with the ‘On The Farm’ Giant Jigsaw Playmat for the purpose of this review; this does not affect our review, we remain honest at all times!


    • Jenny @ The Brick Castle on March 3, 2013 at 09:41
    • Reply

    This does look really amazing. I think it may have to go on boy no.4’s birthday list 🙂

    • Lynda@OrchardToys on March 4, 2013 at 15:20
    • Reply

    Great review and video Kelly. What an amazing entertainment world your children have created. Love the airstrip! Ten out of ten! Looks as though they are going to have hours and hours of fun with them both. Thanks.

    • The Toadstool on March 28, 2013 at 09:59
    • Reply

    I love this review! Saw it before but just watched it again!

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