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You may have read our review of the Giant Piano Mat from and heard about how we loved it, well this is the second set we have tried from – the Harmonica Set!thumbnail_IMG_1849

Within the set you receive a Metal 4 hole harmonica in the key of C, Harmonica Case, the Rainbow Colours book and 4 colour coded stickers.  thumbnail_IMG_3358

This set is designed to give the easiest possible approach to learning the Harmonica and as we found with the Piano, colours play a great part in it. You have four stickers to place above the Harmonica ‘holes’ – each coloured is a certain musical note.

Then using the coloured stickers and the coloured musical notes, you can start to learn the Harmonica (something both of the children have been asking to do for a few weeks – so perfect timing for us!).14800034_10157687162970445_1721031353_o

The book is aimed at children aged 3-15 years and it suits both Monkey (8) and Mouse (6), both can follow it and they are enjoying the learning!

The book has well-known songs in it that increase in difficulty as you go through the pages; one thing I really like is that at the end there are some blank music sheets in the back for the children to have a go at writing there own songs!14803259_10157687163105445_1560635815_o

We really love this set and are tempting the idea of buying another so they have one each, also perfect for a gift for birthdays and Christmas

Keep your eyes peeled as when they allow me to record their harmonica playing I will share that too!rainbow22

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