Review – Parragon Factivity Human Body Boxset

Monkey loves learning about things especially the human body; he wants to know how it works, what is inside it and what he can do with it – so you can imagine the smile when he saw this month’s Parragon Books Book Buddy mail!

The box includes a book (that is full of facts and activities) and the pieces to make your very own Skeleton, it is a great looking set and it is the type of set that could make a lovely gift.unnamed-2 Monkey, Mouse and I sat down to build the Skeleton together, the pieces are a great size for the children to handle and it was easy to see which bit was which. It is a little fiddley and the 5, 7 and 36-year-old had to call in someone older to help – Daddy came to the rescue and the skeleton was completed! The skeleton comes with its own stand and it holds it up well. Monkey and Mouse loved looking at the different bones and were naming them as we went along! unnamed-3The book is fantastic, from the body map to the themed pages, from the activities to the illustrations – it is brilliant! Monkey and Mouse have learnt so much from it already and they are enjoying the activities in the book too. I would recommend this especially if your children are doing a topic about the body at school, there are some amazing facts in it! Just remember you will be called on to help with the bone building!


  1. This looks great, the skeleton looks fun and a great way to help learning.

  2. I like the sound of this book and the skeleton model can only make learning a little more fun.

  3. Oh! This is so fun! Didn’t realise they have this book. Will get it for my son!

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