Review – Plus Plus Mini Basic 600 from The Toadstool

When we first received the box of Plus Plus Mini Basic 600; both Daddy and I were skeptical. Daddy because although we love construction play, we already have the ‘main’ brands and he wasn’t sure there was really place in our house for another type of building toy.

Me? I was skeptical because the pieces are small, I was worried that they would just end up all over and lost, then we wouldn’t be able to play, meaning no value for money!Plus Plus Image

The pieces are approximately 2cm x 1.2 cm.  They are small so would be no good for younger children, but they are perfectly fine in size for The Monkey (5) and The Mouse (3)!  We haven’t lost any yet either. The box is handy for storing and it has always gone back in the box and onto the shelf.

They slot together easily like puzzle pieces.  Mouse loves jigsaws so found the concept was easy to grasp, eve though she is the youngest.

We have had so much fun with these, building so many different things. You can build both 2D and 3D creations, and there is a nice selection of colours too!

Regarding whether it has a place in our house along side the other brands of construction toys, I would say a definite Yes! Plus Plus is definitely a toy in it’s own right, it has a uniqueness about it. This mini version is also great for travel too as the box is small enough to pop in your rucksack or car!

There are a few ideas of what to build on the enclosed leaflet, but the Plus Plus lends itself to developing the imagination of the little ones (and the grown ups). It is something we have all played with together and the kids have played alone

Monkey says

“It’s Good because you get to make all sorts of stuff”

Here are some of the things we have built!



Disclaimer: I was sent the Plus Plus free of charge by The Toadstool for the purpose of this review. Our opinions remain honest at all times


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  1. I really want some plus plus after seeing everyone’s review of it, it looks so cool 😀

  2. I love the skateboard ramp!

    1. Hahaha….I dropped my laptop half way through typing and it said error, so I thought this comment was completely lost!

  3. We think it’s brilliant. It’s been out all week and they’ve used it to make all kinds of tracks and roads for their cars and trains on the table!
    I love your skateboard 1/4 pipe 😀

  4. That looks great, so easy to use and versatile. Love Mouse’s camera – very imaginative!

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