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The Christmas rush is over, the house looks like a toy bomb has gone off in the house and Daddy and I have been left with one job – the tidy up!

We did a mini clear out before Christmas even arrived, but it doesn’t seem to have made enough space – my word where is everything going to go?

We started by clearing a space in what we call the play room (but is actually the other end of the dining room), we then tried to stack the toys, but it was never going to look nice. Luckily had the answer!PlasticBox1

Perfect for our needs is their 80 litre plastic storage box with an attached lid.  Easy to open and close meant that the Monkey and the Mouse can get in and out of it easily. They are very big boxes too, not so big they look out of place, but they certainly have enough room to pack in a lot of toys.

The boxes are made from a strong polypropyleneIn and they can take some stick from toys going in and out, being moved around and the lid being dropped closed.

I love the fact that we have the boxes with purple lids as it is my favourite colour, but the boxes come in a range of funky colours to choose from! The shape of the box makes it very easy to store and really brings an element of tidy to our playroom! PlasticBox2

We are very pleased with the boxes and are currently using our second one in our bedroom to store some bits! They are a very good price and definitely worth the money!  We would recommend them if you are looking to have a tidy up of the toys, or of anything else!

Disclaimer: I was sent the boxes for the purpose of this review, I have been completely honest.


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  1. Ooh, like these. Really big to put lots of toys in. Could do with some myself!

  2. they look good!

  3. I could really do with more storage…these look good x

  4. This looks great. We are certainly in need of additional storage solutions here after a birthday and Christmas.

  5. What a great size! We need about 100 of these to cope with all of our children’s new Christmas toys!

  6. Thats a great size! we could do with some of those!

  7. Those boxes look a great size, I have been trying to get things sorted and boxed up, I just have a problem with throwing anything away! You never know when you might need something?

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