*Review* Three Little Pigs by Orchard Toys

A board game from Orchard Toys, Three Little Pigs is aimed at ages 3-6 year olds and it is fab! It is a board game and the aim is to build your three houses (one of straw, one of sticks and one of brick) before making your way to the safe house in the middle to win!

The main playing board is actually a jigsaw so the fun starts before you have started to play with putting together the bits! It is a turn taking game where you roll the dice and collect the materials for your houses, each house has two bits and are easy to put together. There is a wolf that might get in your way though, land on him and you have to spin the spinner – he then ‘huffs and puffs’ and may take a piece away!

The pieces are made from a sturdy cardboard, nice and thick and not easy to damage! Monkey and I played this game three times in a row, it is long enough to entertain and short enough to keep the interest!

Monkey said it was the best game he had and that he wanted to play it again (and again and again).  In the end I had to tag team Daddy so I had a break!

This game is brilliant, easy to play, nice and colourful, strong and most of all fun!

Disclaimer: I was sent this game for the purpose of a review for Orchard Toys as part of the IzziwizziKids.co.uk Playfest, however this has no bearing on the review and all opinions are honest!

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