Rocking out!

So, what do I like to rock out to? Well that is question that would of had different answers through out the years (The only constant being Queen – well they ARE rock)!

During my teens I love all things girlie rock – you know the kind of stuff you love to put on really really loud and sing into your hairbrush because you are just giving into passion, because you don’t care what people think…but would be sooo embarrassed if anyone found out! So in all my teenage embarrassment I will admit I used to Rock out to Roxette!!

During my twenties I got more into rock, metal and alternative music…well it was the music that was played in the types of clubs I could go to in my trainers, I love being comfortable while I ‘rock out’ and loved rage against the machine, Limp Bizkit and Blink 182!

As I got a little older I mellowed slightly and my tastes changed with me, I began to enjoy Hoobastank, revisited my Take That Fanage and loved a bit of Alien Ant Farm!

Now however I only have time to rock out to one particular band – The ZingZillas! My 2.5 year old insists we get up and dance around for the Big Zing every time it is on, and do you know what (Confession number two) I love it!!

Of course ZingZillas isn’t my first choice and those rare occasions where I get a couple of minutes to get my hairbrush out again – give me some Coheed and Cambria, Green Day or Queen to rock out to – I would just go crazy like I didn’t care (Honest!?)

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    • Clare on November 25, 2010 at 09:11
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    It’s brilliant when the kids are into music. I was really chuffed when my 3 year old asked me to turn up the music in the car. It was the foo fighters! They do love the zingzillas though – so might have to add that one to the xmas list – thanks for the tip. (though i will be back to complain if i’m playing it end to end in the car day in day out!)

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