Save the Penguins!

There is nothing like a bit of junk modelling on the weekend to enjoy the time with the Monkey and the Mouse! We were looking to find inspiration and found it from The Toadstool Blog with their talk of saving the penguins and Earthday ( #EarthDayatWW )!

So we headed for our craft box and a pile of junk and had some fun! PenguinJunk

So we took some boxes, plastic cups, paper plate, lids, egg boxes, yoghurt boxes, packaging and more and we let loose! Wrapping lids in tissue paper, gluing lids, cutting shapes, colouring plates, giggling away!

The Monkey got so  creative, topping his original idea with a better one and the Mouse smiled the whole way through as her idea developed!  We did one project as a family and then each of the kids made their own mini project!

PenguinJunk2Although all the projects were the same thing, they came out very different. Three beaks all made differently, one a plastic cup wrapped in orange tissue paper, one; half a paper plate coloured in and one; a yoghurt pot stuffed with orange tissue! The mini projects are the best because they really show the kids imagination, every aspect of them was decided and done by them. Monkey was very keen on a heart shaped tummy and big eyes, Mouse loves stickers and included them too!

The finally mission was to give the penguins a home, so please meet Henry (Centre), Dora (Left) and Jack!PenguinJunk3

Three penguins who live on some rocks (wearing hats) in the sea in a house in the Midlands, in the UK! I actually think they might have moved in forever, so what do you feed cardboard penguins?



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  1. Cardboard fish, obviously! Seriously though, these are so sweet! Well done Monkey and Mouse!

  2. feed them paper? lol. well done to the penguins!

  3. Definitely cardboard fish! 😀

    They’re great – I think Jack might be a secret Ninja Pirate Penguin…you can tell by his feet…. 😉

  4. very creative! looks like fun, and they are well made. when my lot do the junk modelling all the stuff ends up falling off it after 1 day!

  5. Fabulous penguins – very creative!

  6. Those are fab! I hear they like cardboard fish…the next project?

  7. Well done, we’ll have to have a Penguin party with the one’s we made last week 🙂

  8. Very good (the joy is you do not have to feed them) best kind of pets.

  9. you could try feeding them cardboard fish?

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