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Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 23.17.12You will have seen my previous posts about Mouse and her school admissions and how currently she is without a school place.

I have to say I knew it would be tough, but I am not sure I knew how tough.

We are going through an appeal with the school and this is hard for so many reasons. The fact that we are applying for an infant place means that there are only limited reasons that you can appeal on. It is made difficult by the law, schools are told how many pupils they can admit, so once the places are filled, there isn’t actually a place to be given, so an appeal is extremely difficult to win/

An appeal is also hard when you like the school and the last thing you want to do is fall out with them. One of the reasons we want Mouse to go there is because we know it would be good for her, so we don’t want to get off on the wrong foot.

Today we received our appeal date and along with it came a realisation of how tough this is going to be. It is a very formal process and really quite intimidating!

On top of our nerves, Mouse has started to ask about when she is going to school, and why her friends are going before her!

Today was really tricky as some of the children from  Mouse’s pre-school went for their visit to the reception. Mouse doesn’t understand why she isn’t doing these things too! It didn’t help that Monkey met his new teacher for next year too, meaning everything is about the coming year!

Her and I were chatting the other day and I explained that if she wanted to go to the same school as Monkey then we had to wait on a list until a special place came up, I explained that we could look elsewhere but Monkey would stay at his school. She told me with no doubt that she wants to be with her brother.

The transition period is proving really tough. Mouse is not herself, very clingy and very sad. I am not myself; I feel guilty that she doesn’t have a place, (even though I know we are doing everything we can!), I feel sad she is missing the transition time with her friends and I feel sad that at this time all we can do is wait! We are on the waiting list for the school too, but we are not at the top of it and of course it relies on people moving or changing their minds!

Applying for schools is hard, appeals are tiring, growing up is hard and being a parent is tough!

Do you have any advice on either the appeal or the transition/emotional side?


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  1. So sorry you are having to go through this. Starting school should be an exciting time for you all, not full of stress and worry. I really hope you win the appeal and Mouse can go to school with her big brother in September. Try not to be too hard on yourself, you are doing all you can x

    1. Thank you x x

  2. I’ve been through school appeals when I moved up North. One we won, one we lost. We really knew we had a genuine case and deserved to win the High School appeal (it’s opposite our house), and the Primary School appeal was a shot in the dark so that my partner’s girls could stay in the same school. It would have required driving every morning and evening, so I was quite glad we lost and everyone then moved to the nearest Primary – which is brilliant and lovely.
    Remember that the people judging your appeal are trying to do the best for everyone involved – including the other 30odd kids in the class, and they are just regular folks. If you lose it won’t be anything personal, and as I feel you have a very strong case, it’ll be because it was simply impossible to do within the law.
    It must feel really quite shitty at the moment and I’m sorry you’re in this position, but it’s not your fault. Try not to be too angry and go into that meeting with your head high and a smile. It won’t be as scary as you think. I was sat opposite 3 elderly ladies who seemed most bothered that I had a biscuit with my coffee! 🙂 xx
    Best of luck hon. I hope lots of people move away!

    1. Thank you hun, I am surprised by how calm I am at the minute (it maybe different on the night!), we are still hoping that we move up the waiting list naturally before the appeal date! x

  3. I don’t have any pearls of wisdom to offer you unfortunately, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you to get good news.

    1. Thank you, much appreciated!

  4. Just keep doing what your doing because you are doing great. It is worth mentioning what you do as a job and the reasons you do not want Mouse to go to the same school as the families you work with. Even if they can`t take it into account they will have heard it! Fingers

    1. Thank you, we are working on our ‘presentation’ now and it includes everything! xx

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