Arrrggghhhh, a quick ranty post about applying for school!

Legs will be off to big boy ‘proper’ school in September which means applying for schools now, and oh my word, how hard is it! There is a school we would like Legs to go to, we have visited it, we liked it, Legs liked it, we have had it recommended, the head teacher was lovely,  not too far away but can you apply direct to the school, talk to the people you have met in real life and get your place. No, you have to apply to the council, put down six schools, say why you have picked them and then wait three months for an answer to whether you have got the school you want!

I feel like stamping my feet and throwing a tantrum toddler style, I don’t want to pick six schools, I don’t want to wait and unfortunately I (we) don’t want to put down the catchment school (nothing against the school, I have reasons relating to work). So do we put down one school and risk no place or put down six ‘just in case’.

I am not liking it and it is possibly one of the most stressful times I have had as a mum!

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    • pinkoddy on January 28, 2012 at 01:38
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    I risked one school but then I have a child already there. Best of luck.

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