Oct 02

September Book Competition – The Hive Activity Book

A nice simple post to just say you have a chance to win! On offer is a ‘The Hive’ Sticker and Activity book.

Filled with activities, fun and stickers this is the perfect stocking filler for any ‘The HIve’ or creative fan. All you have to do is follow the options on the Gleam Widget to enter. The more you do the more chances you get at winning.IMG_0473

Good Luck

The Hive Giggly Bee Activity Book


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  1. Tracy K Nixon

    Hearing our 2 1/2 chihuahua snore like a troll! She is so tiny but sometimes I have to turn the volume up on the tv because she snores so loud!

  2. aj

    my little one BEEing a dafty

  3. Susan B

    My pets playing makes me giggle.

  4. Michelle Banks

    my grandaughters mischief always makes me giggle lol

  5. Samantha Loughlin

    My daughter when she gets the giggles

  6. Shirley Evans

    The dog makes me giggle when he tries to catch birds in the garden,he’s a mile off,much too slow

  7. Anthony Harrington

    my Grandson and my pets keep me laughing at their antics!

  8. Angela McDonald

    Watching my nephew laugh – he throws his head back and claps and everything!

  9. Lyndsay-Rose

    My daughters laugh

  10. Rebecca Smith

    My children with there silly antics hehe

  11. Laura Pritchard

    One of my best friends, Sean, always makes me giggle as he does some crazy things!

  12. Gill Mitchell

    My kids and the daft things they say and do 😀

  13. kimberley ryan

    my twin boys, 2 year olds

  14. Mummy of Two + 1

    My children, every day!

  15. Simon C

    My girls! We love giggling together.

  16. Ruth Harwood

    Watching next door’s cat try to catch birds mid air!!

  17. Annie Costa

    My cat going crazy and trying to climb the curtains!

  18. Lizzy Cooper

    My husband, he’s always cracking jokes

  19. Nancy Bradford

    My little girls silly jokes like “”Why did the island blush?” “Because the sea weed”.

  20. janine atkin

    my pugs funny face

  21. pauline black

    My grandson!

  22. Natalie Crossan

    Funny jokes 🙂

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