Sharwoods Curry Sauces – Review

As you all know from my previous posts we as a a family like food and I love a ‘quick to make meal’.  Well being a full time working mummy who blogs amongst other things, there are some nights (okay most nights);  I need to make something that is tasty, but also quick and day!

When people want to send me anything that may help with feeding the family and saving time, I have to say yes.  This month I was sent some sauces to test – Sharwood’s Brand new Indian Sauce range! I couldn’t wait!


There are three flavours, each at different strengths of spicyness too. This is great because we have a wide range of tastes in the family!  The Butter chicken is a milder sauce, perfect for the husband who is a big fan of mild tasting food (and it is a perfect strength for the kids too) and the Dopiaza is a medium sauce, a medium strength but fully delicious sauce for me.

I will be honest we are saving the Vindaloo until Father in Law visits, he likes he curries on the hotter side!

We have enjoyed the sauce, fit is full of flavour. We have had vegetarian option and meat with it and it was good either way, no-one has had a bad thing to say about it!

So they are tasty, but are they quick and easy?

Erm…yeah! We basically fried some meat (or meat alternative), added the sauce and cooked. Alongside it we warmed some Nan bread and cooked some rice and ‘Voila!’ – Dinner is served, Date night is on!

If you want a quick, tasty and cheap (RRP £1.69) a jar meal, you must try these!

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  1. I use these occasionally as a coupleof the younger members of our household complain about curries being hot all the time, so I split the ingredients and use the Butter Chicken jar with half when I’m being especially nice… :p

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