Should have gone to Specsavers

I first started wearing glasses as a teenager; first it was just for TV watching, then for driving and over time it came to the point where I wear my glasses all of the time.  Over the years I have tried different opticians, then I started to use Specsavers; it made sense as that is where Hubby used.

I am short-sighted, so wherever I go I need I considered contact lenses a while back but it didn’t work out and then again when I was getting married I wondered if I should wear contacts on the wedding day – but I decided it would look odd as I also wear glasses. I don’t mind wearing glasses; the only issue I have is when it is time for my check up, I fret a little about whether I will find the right style glasses (not because of a lack of selection but because I am so fussy!).specsavers-logo-gben

My local Specsavers is the Nottingham Branch , it is easy to get to being in the centre of town and the opening hours are fab, some days they open at 8 and some evening they remain open to 6 or 7pm – very handy if you work. You can request an appointment online but if I am honest I prefer to do it by phone.

I was called for my two yearly check up recently and I booked an appointment for a Sunday afternoon, the family were with me and the staff were brilliant with the Monkey and Mouse, giving them a goody bag when we arrived (had some colouring in it to keep them busy!).20150705_140845The store is set out lovely and you are welcomed as soon as you walk in and directed to where you need to be; there are different area for each bit but all feel comfortable. First off I was taken for the pre-test tests – including the Glaucoma Test; where they puff air in your eye. I really don’t like the air puff but I felt fairly relaxed as the staff member were very patient me and let me get comfortable before they started. I then had my full eye test and happily I was told that my prescription had improved slightly – YAY!! 20150705_144035But then comes the dreaded bit – choosing frames! I have already admitted I am fussy, mainly because there is a particular style that I like and find change hard! I prefer my glasses to have plastic moulded nose rests, I find them more comfortable than the ones with nobbles (ok, i know that is not the official word, but it is the only way I can describe them!).

Again I was helped by a member of the staff team, they told me about all the options to buy glasses including all the offers! I then had a browse and was able to ask about the frames. Specsavers have a massive range and with prices starting at £25, there really is a pair for everyone. I chose to go for the buy one get one free offer, so I was looking for a pair of sunglasses too!20150705_144024Once I had chosen my frames, they were checked by someone to ensure they were right for me. I have been going to Specsavers a while and this time they had something new…Digital Precision Eyecare and it really is awesome. Specsavers will place a gadget (the Frame Reference Device or ‘FRED’) on the top of the frames that you have chosen and then take a picture with a tablet, the gadget then uploads your measurements up to the tablet and tells the member of staff all they need to know!specsavers gadget

The best thing about the whole experience is that I found a set of frames that I love and that are very comfortable, a pair of sunglasses that worked well on our holiday and I can drive in and I know that if I have any problems I can go back for advice or help! So what do you think to my new Glasses?

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher towards my glasses to share my thoughts, all views are mine and I remain honest at all times!




  1. Both of your new glasses look great! Sounds like you had an excellent experience in Specsavers and great service.

  2. They look great, the style really suits you.

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