It has been over a week since I last blogged! There has been no one major reason, but I feel I should explain my temporary silence!

Well what a week it has been, around work we have had illness, no sleep, organising a 40th Anniversary (not ours!) meal and house guests! Mouse had real trouble sleeping because of what we thought was possible teething but turned out to be teething AND a tummy bug! Yep, one back tooth and severe tummy pain will stop sleep in a child and in her parents too!

Saturday Saw the celebration of my in-laws 40 years of marriage! We had a lovely meal, in a lovely place, with lovely food! It was awesome, they had a great time celebrating with their family and very close friends, only problem was that was the worst night for mouse – up for four hours, finally going back to sleep for the alarm to go off to go back to hotel to have breakfast with the in laws! (Hence no silent sunday this week!)

So, this week has held so more lack of sleep, so more work and spare time filled with bring to get something (anything) done using really tired eyes, completed yesterday/last night by monkey being poorly with stomach pains!

But today seems a little better and a little brighter, mouse has been laughing, legs has eaten, work was ok and I have 5 minutes to blog! So hopefully normal service will resume!

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    • denfos258 on April 26, 2012 at 18:44
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    here’s to a better week next week. Loads of hugs and love coming your way. x

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