Silent Sunday



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  1. Interested to see what the is on

    1. It was on the wall in The Space Centre, some really funky stuff to look at!

  2. Interesting, where are you?

    1. It was in the Venus part of The Space Centre in Leicester, so much interesting stuff!

  3. Looks very psychedelic!

  4. ohh intresting, where abouts are you?

    1. Space Centre in Leicester, loads of good stuff to take photos of!

  5. Very cool – were you in a club?

    1. It was in the Space Centre in Leicester! It was fab!

  6. wow surreal and vibrant image

  7. Very interesting x

  8. how intriguing x

  9. I’m curious. And I now have the I’m your Venus song in my head!

    1. It was at the Space Centre! Sing away!

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