May 22

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


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  1. Erica Price

    Yuck – they don’t look right.

  2. pamperedmummy

    Oh dear, hope you didn’t have them later on!

  3. Gemma

    Ooh dear…

  4. Anna

    Fizzy peas? Erm, please say this wasn’t dinner…

  5. Susie

    How long had that tin been lurking in the back of your cupboard?

  6. LadyBanana

    Oh yuck! Where they like 10 years past the best before date!? lol

  7. HerMelness Speaks

    This gourmet cooking lark sure is hard work! 🙂

  8. Jacq

    I’m hoping those are mushy peas but I suspect not.

  9. Nicki Cawood

    Sweetcorn it is then!
    They don’t look quite right do they 🙂

  10. sarahmumof3

    oh dear!

  11. (mostly) yummy mummy

    Exploding peas.. Hmmm.. Nice :-/

  12. mum of all trades


  13. TheBoyandMe

    Ew-ness! How old were they to have exploded?

  14. Lisha

    Somethin’ tells me the BBD might’ve been 22 May 1999!

  15. Kelly

    I know this looks bad, but the BBD is actually Feb 2014!!! Was a bit scary when they popped and fizzed!!!

  16. mummymummymum

    eeeeek! I bet they didn’t taste good!

  17. Herding Cats

    Oh dear! WHEN PEAS ATTACK!

  18. @somethingblue_2

    Uh-oh. You’ve got some esca-peas there! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the bad joke!)

  19. Justice

    Did you refill the tin with the baby’s poop?

  20. Jenn

    Eeewwww. *gags*

  21. Ipswich Mummy


  22. SAHMlovingit

    What a “messy mess” as my daughter would say 🙂

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