Silent Sunday #Silentsunday


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  1. I love it when pictures like this give such an endearing sense of scale, as children relate to household objects and tasks!

  2. I like the nervous fingers at the side as the stirring happens!

  3. Cute photo – hope it tasted good

  4. Lovely photo. I love the way the bowl dwarfs her!

  5. Lovely photo, hope you made something very tasty! 🙂 x

  6. what she making?

  7. The bowl is bigger than her! bless.

  8. XD she looks so much into it!! I bet she’ll be an amazing cook someday

  9. Oooh whatcha baking Mouse? Hope it tasted good?!

    Thank you for linking up lovely lady XXX

  10. Aww! Lovely photo! Hope it was something nice x

  11. Looks tasty, do you do a lot of baking and cooking together?

  12. Love a bit of baking!

  13. Looks like fun x

  14. Are you making something tasty?

  15. Hope the cake turned out very nice 🙂

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