Jul 10

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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  1. HerMelness Speaks

    Was looking at my CD collection only the other day. Felt a little dated. I wonder what will replace the music download to make our children feel so so old? Great photo essay.

  2. Multiple Mummy

    Seriously my eyesight is so bad…i cannot tell what the albums are but a great photo, very arty! x

  3. Jo

    From Space to Sinatra and my fave Beautiful South, very eclectic!

  4. Nicki Cawood

    Great picture. I’ve just started a sort out of my previous hidden away cd collection… having lots of nostalgic fun with it!

  5. Lena doherty

    Fab pic, we have been sorting ours out for school to raise funds, not sure how much they will get for them. xxx

  6. mrsteepot

    oooh what’s all that for? Charity shop? Boot sale? Ebay? No one uses CDs any more, right???

    1. Kelly

      Charity Shop, having a clear out to make space, toys seem to be taking the place of grown up stuff!

  7. sarahmumof3

    ohh Cd’s you can send them to somewhere simular to how you do with gold can’t you?

    1. Kelly

      Really?? Hmmmmm!

  8. ramblingsofasuburbanmummy

    Gotta love a good CD!

  9. Mel (MilkChic)

    Ours are all up in the loft – most are on the computer now. Makes me a little sad. I remember when my Dad brought home our first CD player – it was so exciting 🙁

  10. mumfordandsons4real

    Having a sort out?

  11. jollyjillys

    thats a nice stack to music

  12. mumsarcade

    I still ike cds even if that makes me old and dated. Played one yesterday and realised how much I miss playing music.
    My Silent Sunday is over at http://celebratingmums.wordpress.com

  13. geekmummy

    Wonderfully eclectic mix 🙂 We keep meaning to get ours up into the loft, most are on the computer anyway, and they’re taking up at least one bookcase. I can’t remember when I last actually played one!

  14. Helloitsgemma

    Have you been dancing to this lot?

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