Jul 17

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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  1. ramblingsofasuburbanmummy

    Eurgh, I hate snails! My little boy thinks you have the BEST silent sunday post of the lot!

    1. Kelly

      Awww, I am pleased someone likes it!

  2. Erica Price

    Yuk! But an interesting shot.

  3. Multiple Mummy

    Ahhh cute, it fits perfectly! Bit greedy to have two houses though!

  4. sarahmumof3

    my youngest adores snails!wonder where this one was heading too lol

  5. TheBoyandMe

    Bleughh! Cleverly timed capture, but bleugh.

  6. SAHMlovingit

    He looks snug in there 🙂 Great shot.

  7. Frankie Parker

    Okay feel sick now, i really really hate snails….

    1. Kelly


  8. Anna

    Afraid I have to agree with the others here – brilliantly captured picture but totally gross. It looks like a pointy tongue emerging from that shell

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